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Bawls Announces Bawls Ginger February 9, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Our favorite soda in the world is the high caffeinated beverage Bawls.  It has long been considered a staple of gamers’ diets with its great flavor and high caffeine content.  I can’t remember how many Bawls sodas I would drink during LAN parties, all night gaming sesssions, and PC builds.  As the years have gone on, Bawls has added new flavors to their product catalog including Bawls Cherry, Bawls Root Beer and Bawls Orange. Now it is time for them to make room for one more.

Yesterday,  Bawls made the announcement they are adding a new flavor to their product lineup, Bawls Ginger.

The beverage is Bawls’s take on Ginger Ale with plenty of caffeine, and as a Ginger Ale fan I can’t wait to try this for myself.

If you’re interested in getting a case of Bawls Ginger or any other flavor, I recommend ordering it straight from the source, the Bawls Online Store.



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