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Marvel’s Avengers Adding Black Widow Outfit From Avengers Endgame May 6, 2021

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There’s been a heavy demand to add MCU inspired outfits to Marvel’s Avengers. Today we may get out wish. This new Black Widow Skin, modeled after her outfit in Avengers Endgame, was just revealed in time to hype up for the Black Widow movie!

Marvel’s Avengers is out now for PC, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.

Japan Travel Tips – Unique Japanese Dining May 4, 2021

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It’s Tuesday, welcome back to another list of Japan Travel Tips, where I share with all of you some of the best independently produced travelogs on the internet. If you’ve stayed with us so far, we’ve already given you tips and advice for how to feed yourself in Japan. Today, we’re going to highlight some of the coolest eating experiences throughout the country.

First off, let’s talk about Sushi. Sushi is without a doubt my favorite food, and in Japan you can find it EVERYWHERE in nearly any type of setting, from sit down to drive-thru. For this article, we’re going to highlight one of the more unique methods, the conveyor belt restaurant. I first saw this kind of place to eat in the game Catherine, where the characters would occasionally have conversations at a conveyor belt place called Kappa Heaven, and I had wanted to eat at one ever since.

When dining there, food will pass by on different colored plates. The color of the plate represents the price of the food on the plate. All you have to do is grab what you want and return the plate when done. If you want something specific to eat that’s on the menu (but isn’t showing up on the belt) you can either ask your waiter or (if applicable) order it via an interactive touch menu.

So how does this system work when in action? First off, we’re going to highlight the work of Life Where I’m From, which took his children to a Conveyor Belt Sushi restaurant to see how they liked it.

If you’d like a closer look at the experience I’ve got a different video to show you. The adorable YouTube hosts known as the Crane Couple take a break from their capsule toy search to dine at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

If a conveyor belt isn’t your idea of getting sushi, did you know you can also get it from a drive thru? Here’s Only in Japan to show us how it’s done.

My father has always been a proponent of outdoor markets. In Japan, my father would be in absolute heaven. Mark Weins, visited a outdoor market in Tokyo and did a full tour of the food options. If this video doesn’t make you hungry, I don’t think anything will.

Next I want to highlight something an otaku friend of mine got me interested in, a food that translates out to a Japanese pancake. However, depending on your region, your food could be prepared a little differently. Let’s go back with Only in Japan and take a closer look at the difference.

My first ever experience eating traditional Japanese food was at a traditional Hot Pot in downtown Los Angeles. At a Hot Pot, the food is boiled at your table to your taste, and can be used in a soup. In Japan, that method of cooking is a way of life for many restaurants. Here’s Strictly Dumpling looking at both Hot Pot options at one of Japan’s best restaurants.

Is there anything we missed? Oh yeah, Ramen. Given the ENORMOUS amount of content I found on Ramen, as well as the wide amount of Ramen you can get, we decided to dedicate an entire future article just to noodles. Stay tuned, that’ll be coming at a later time!

Next up, we’re going to be highlighting something in Japan that long-time Nintendo fans would recognize. We’re going to feature the incredible unique shopping experience that is Japan’s real-life Pokémon Centers. This is, of course, a gaming site after all.

iOS and iPadOS 14.5.1 Released May 3, 2021

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I know we all spent our evenings upgrading to 14.5 not too long ago, but Apple has just released a NEW update for iPhones and iPads earlier today. The new update, version 14.5.1, weighs in at around 150MB (depending on your device).

You can get the update right now either through your Software Update menu or iTunes. Get this update as soon as possible because it includes a fix for a serious exploit. tvOS doesn’t seem to need an update today.

More Content that Should Go On Disney+ May 1, 2021

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Contrary to the popular theory, not everything that Disney (and the studios it now owns) has ever produced is on Disney+. A few months ago, we listed a group of television shows, shorts, and specials that, for one reason or other, was not on Disney+. Well, we’re currently in a bit of a lull for gaming news, and some of the things we mentioned in that article (particularly the Marvel One Shots) were added to Disney+ since we published it, so we decided to make a new list.

Unlike the last list which would not include Disney-owned content we knew for sure was licensed for other streaming platforms, we will be including ALL Disney-owned content we feel deserves to go on Disney+, regardless of who currently owns the streaming rights. However, we will not include content Disney has flagged as “coming to Disney+” like Loki, since that content IS coming to Disney+, it just hasn’t been released yet.

So, with that all out of the way, let’s get started with the earliest Disney content we can think of.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Shorts – The modern myth is that Disney was a company that “all started with a mouse”. That story is a complete lie, the animal is that Walt Disney actually started with was a rabbit named Oswald. Disney regained the rights to Oswald some time around 2008, as well as the rights to his original animated shorts. The shorts were included on a DVD bundled with the Epic Mickey Collector’s Edition, but I haven’t seen them anywhere else since. These shorts are a piece of Disney history and should be offered on Disney+.

Runaway Brain – Produced in 1995, the short film follows Mickey Mouse as he tries to earn some money volunteering for a scientific experiment. He ends up unleashing a terrifying creature, and must find a way to save Minnie from its path of destruction. The short film was darker than anything Disney had attempted up to that point (Mickey’s animator for the short had previously had experience animating the Disney villains during Disney’s renaissance era). It would get attached to a film called A Kid in King Arthur’s Court (which ironically enough IS on Disney+), and from what I heard it would get RE-attached to other later Disney films when they were in theaters (depending on region), but I can’t confirm that. It’s a great short with incredible animation and should be featured on Disney+.

Cloak and Dagger – Prior to Wandavision, a now defunct arm of Marvel labeled Marvel Television produced several television shows featuring auxiliary characters from the Marvel Universe. However, unlike the current Disney+ shows, there was absolutely no reason to watch the old shows since they would never be referenced in the Avengers films. That, plus, well, many of them (like Inhumans or early episodes of Agents of SHIELD) were just terrible. In fact, most people have argued they would not get good until Marvel Television started producing series for Netflix. Well, Forget about Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, or Defenders, my absolute favorite show from the Marvel Television era was Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger. Starring the titular characters and taking place in New Orleans, the show is about two young people from different walks of life who gain complementary superpowers. Once they rediscover each other years later, they must learn to use their abilities to stop the company responsible for their powers from causing a disaster.

Building WildBuilding Wild was a National Geographic television show which followed the Cabin Kings, a group of cabin builders who every week would build a brand-new unique log cabin for a happy customer. Hosted by Paul and Tuffy, two men with VERY different personalities, they must plan out and construct the perfect cabin based on the environment and the personality of the customer. It’s a great show, and I honestly believe the only reason it hasn’t ended up on Disney+ already was the show’s need to add bleeps to nearly every time Tuffy spoke.

Springfield of Dreams – Directed by Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock and Produced by FOX SPORTS, Springfield of Dreams was a monumentary made in tribute to one of the best episodes of The Simpsons ever made, “Homer at Bat”, which got Homer Simpson inducted in the real-world Baseball Hall of Fame. The documentary treats the episode as if it really did take place when it aired back in 1992, and featured a mix of live-action interviews with the real baseball players who appeared in the episode and animated interviews with the characters from the show. It’s a great nostalgia trip and since it was pulled from FOX SPORTS Video on Demand (VOD) I haven’t been able to rewatch it.

Miss Fritter’s Racing Skool – This Cars 3 short film was included on the Cars 3 Blu-Ray Disc…and no where else. As we stated above, Disney+ has had no problem including short films along their lineup, including animated shorts that were included for home video release (like Auntie Edna from the Incredibles 2 Blu-Ray), so why isn’t this Cars 3 short film included?

Muppets Go to Disney World – This Muppets special was produced in either the late-80s to early-90s and featured the Muppets getting into hi-jinx on a trip to Walt Disney World. I first saw it on the Disney Channel back when it was a premium station and I just assumed it was a Disney Channel made for TV movie. It is currently unavailable on any streaming platform. SOMEBODY Disney owns seems to own this, so other than the fact the version of Disney World featured in the show is out of date (and Mickey Mouse is played by a 2D animated character) I see no reason it can’t be brought to Disney+.