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Halo 5: Guardians Release Date March 29, 2015

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Tonight, two very different trailers depicting the same scene from two perspectives hit the web. This is all being done as part of Microsoft’s new Hunt the Truth campaign, but what I wasn’t expecting was that the trailers would feature the game’s official release date.

Here’s the trailer from the perspective of Spartan John Locke, the hero of Halo: Nightfall.

Here’s the trailer from the perspective of the Master Chief, the hero of Halo.

Are we getting a game told from two perspectives, like what we saw in Halo 2?  Feel free to speculate in the comments section below.

Halo 5: Guardians is coming October 27th, 2015 exclusively on Xbox One.


Playstation 4 System Update 2.50 Released March 29, 2015

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Sony has just brought out the biggest System Software Update yet for the Playstation 4.  The new update, version 2.50, brings two HUGE new features to the PS4, and several other minor updates and changes.

By far the biggest new feature Sony is adding in update 2.50 is the highly anticipated PS4 SUSPEND feature.  First showcased in Feb 2013 when the PS4 was first announced, Sony promises players who use the suspend feature will be able to stop and resume their games immediately without having to sit through any loading screens.  PS4’s using suspend will also be able to charge your Dual Shock 4 controllers or perform software updates in the background automatically.

The new feature that I’m most interested in is the ability to perform a full PS4 backup and restore to an external storage device.  Sadly, this feature was missing when I decided to shoot my How To Upgrade a PS4 Hard Drive video, and I would recommend it to any players interested in performing a Hard Drive replacement for their PS4. 

You can read all the specific details about the update here on the Playstation.Blog.

Sony says that Vita users may need to update their Vita software to take full advantage of all the new features update 2.50 is bringing to the PS4.  For example, you’ll now be able to use Remote Play games in 60 frames per second.  Currently there is no update available for the iPhone’s Playstation App, but one may be on its way.

You must perform a Software Update to log your Playstation 4 into the Playstation Network.

Square Enix College Lecture Videos Now Online March 28, 2015

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Square Enix has been working tirelessly on their promotion for the recent Final Fantasy titles. In fact, several individuals from Square Enix went on the road during the promotional tour for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD to talk about their jobs in game design and their experience in the game industry.  These lectures were broadcast live on the gaming stream site Twitch.TV, but thankfully these shows were not a one time broadcast. They have been archived on YouTube

The first video I want to show is the lecture Yusuke Naora did at the SMU Guildhall about game art and the artist’s process during a game’s development. The talk focused a lot on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD but they did discuss some of the work that they’re currently doing with Final Fantasy XV.

The second video I’m going to showcase is a lecture at USC where Kazuyuki Ikumori specifically talked about the process of creating in-game cinematics for Final Fantasy titles.

I really hope North America is going to get that Bravely Second title.

Two New Free Songs for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call Now Downloadable March 28, 2015

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Since its release, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call has received numerous downloadable expansions in the form of extra songs and new characters and earlier this month, Square Enix released another batch of songs, including Final Fantasy X-2‘s “real Emotion”, that players can download to their games for a small fee.

Typically, you can download any DLC songs for $0.99US a piece. However, two of the new songs which were released earlier this month, “Struggle to the Death” from Final Fantasy Legend II and “Devil Lord Confrontation II” from Romancing SaGa 3 can now be downloaded completely free of charge.  The songs will remain free to download until April 1st, 2015.

You must have access to the Nintendo eShop, a copy of the full version of the game, and a Nintendo Network account to download the free songs.  Once downloaded, you can play them as much as you want for as long as you want.

The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Has Been Delayed March 27, 2015

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It is with a heavy heart that I must report that Nintendo has decided to delay the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U.  The game was originally planned to come out later this year but Nintendo has decided to delay it for reasons that I will let them talk about.

Okay, so let’s talk about this for a second.  Rather than just condemn Nintendo for this decision (like many others online have been doing), I want to actually discuss the possible reasons why Nintendo chose to delay the game.

First off, delays for a game in The Legend of Zelda franchise is actually pretty common.  The first Legend of Zelda title to be released on the Nintendo 64 was The Ocarina of Time (or Zelda64 for short), and it suffered many delays during its development.  However, many fans were willing to wait for Nintendo to complete the game, and when it did finally launch, it was hailed as one of the greatest games of all time, an honor it still holds to this day.

Today, The Legend of Zelda is one of the biggest exclusive franchises in Nintendo’s IP catalog and has an incredible legion of long time die-hard fans that are probably going to be upset by this announcement.  However they would be even more upset if Nintendo rushed the game and released something buggy, incomplete, or unworthy of the Zelda name.  You don’t have to look much further back than most of the major game releases for last Christmas to see just how much bad publicity and distrust towards your company a game can provoke from its customers if it is released before it is ready.  Nintendo is smarter than that.

Sadly, this delay also means that the game will not be shown at this year’s E3.  The next game in The Legend of Zelda franchise currently has no release date and is coming exclusively to the Wii U.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Now On iOS Worldwide March 26, 2015

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The extremely popular Japanese Smartphone game Final Fantasy Record Keeper is now out on iOS platforms for the rest of the world.

The game promises to allow players the chance to relive some of the greatest battles from Final Fantasy games.

If you’re an iOS user you can download it right now from the App Store by following this link.  It only takes up about 68MB of space.

How to Transfer Pokemon From the Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Demo to the Full Game March 24, 2015

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Maniac explains the process on how to transfer the unique Pokémon you can earn in the Pokémon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire demo.

All you need is a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS, a full copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (either physical or retail) and the demo. The demo can be downloaded for free off the Nintendo eShop, and make sure to play the demo at least once before attempting a transfer.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are out now for the Nintendo 3DS or 2DS systems.

Batman: Arkham Knight “Officer Down” Gameplay Video March 23, 2015

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I started reading Batman comics around the time that DC introduced a massive multi-book story arc where Bruce Wayne was framed for murder.  Just before that series was published, another story arc, titled “Officer Down”, was published.  That story detailed an attempt on the life of Commissioner Gordon, and his subsequent retirement from the Gotham Police Department.  It was a great story which gave audiences a look into why Batman and Gordon worked so well together, and taught audiences that sometimes you just can’t guarantee justice will be done.

But you guys don’t want to hear me reminisce about old Batman comic books, you’re here to see some all new gameplay from Batman: Arkham Knight, the newest game in the Batman: Arkham franchise.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Today, Rocksteady released over seven minutes of entirely new gameplay footage from the game, showcasing a lot of what Batman is going to be able to do thanks to the power of the next generation consoles.  All footage was captured on the Playstation 4 system.

Batman: Arkham Knight is coming June 23rd, 2015 to the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Halo 5: Guardians Hunt the Truth Campaign Starts March 23, 2015

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In 2003, Microsoft created an epic Alternate Reality Game to coincide with the release of Halo 2 on the original Xbox.  Twelve years later, it looks like Microsoft is planning to do another one for the release of Halo 5: Guardians.  This weekend, Microsoft tweeted this video and accompanied it with the hashtag “HUNTTHETRUTH”.

Interesting way to start a marketing campaign.  You can follow the latest details at huntthetruth.tumblr.com.  It looks like someone is trying to find the Master Chief.

Halo 5: Guardians is coming exclusively to the Xbox One.

God of War 3 Coming to Playstation 4 March 20, 2015

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Sony Santa Monica has just announced that God of War 3 is being ported to the Playstation 4.  The God of War series is one of the most well known Playstation exclusive franchises, with some of the highest rated and biggest selling games on the PS2, PS3 and PSP.  Now, it looks like God of War 3, the game which concluded the original God of War Trilogy is getting rereleased on the Playstation 4.  It was originally released on the Playstation 3, and while it was without a doubt one of the best looking games on the PS3 platform, it’s going to be looking even better on the Playstation 4, as Sony promises the PS4 version will be at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

God of War 3 is coming to the Playstation 4 July 14th, 2015.