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About Us

Maniac – Editor/Lead Writer

Maniac started working as a gaming journalist since 2002 for various websites operating as part of the GameSpy Network. Now, he is the Editor and Lead Writer of As Lead Writer, most of the site content is written by him, ranging from history articles, editorials or gaming news. He also writes and stars in all of the site videos. As Editor, he oversees all written content provided by both regular site content writers and guest contributors.

anakronos – Writer

anakronos is our resident “Retired Gamer”. When the rest of us were just children dreaming of playing video games, he already owned all the major consoles. His memories of classic games are unquestionable, but he no longer partakes in the realm of gaming, as he feels it has deviated too far from its original roots. He provides a world-weary perspective to the site on where gaming has been and where he feels it is headed, and he doesn’t like it one bit.

diskreader117 – Guest Content Contributor

diskreader117 is a regular guest on, and will usually join Maniac in various site discussions, or provide assistance behind the camera when needed. While he is in plenty of videos, he has his own YouTube profile.

Twitch – Guest Contributor

Twitch agrees that Genesis did what Nintendidn’t, but still loves him some old school Squaresoft (Final Fantasy III/VI and Chrono Trigger.) He actually regrets not getting a Saturn, but at least found happy experiences with most JRPGs on the PS One. When Maniac asked Twitch to do some PC gaming, Twitch replied, “You mean on my Mac?” Twitch currently enjoys playing on his Xbox 360 and getting achievements, and playing on his iPad now that he can play Final Fantasy Tactics on it (his favorite PS One game.)

Princess Angel – Guest Writer

Princess Angel provides her own perspective on video games regardless of genre, console, or game popularity giving a new insight into the world of video games. In addition to discussing games on the site, she plans on writing a new segment for the site where she will evaluate the artwork associated with the game and compare and contrast the artwork to its game based on its overall conveyed message. You can also check out her official website here.



1. #1 Maniacal Fan - April 22, 2010

Loved your bio! You should add more as time goes on. Once more people discover your site, you’ll be inundated with requests for more requests for gaming reviews, videos, photos, etc. They’ll probably want to know more personal info about you, too. You have to give the fans what they want…

I’m going to check back to catch up on any and all updates that you post here. I can’t wait!

You may become quite sick of seeing my name all over this site!!!

2. Support « – Gaming News and Editorials! - July 9, 2010

[…] About Maniac… […]

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