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Tales from IT – Replacing a HP Designjet Printer Belt April 24, 2017

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Printers can break, it’s just a fact of life. But what happens if your broken printer happened to cost 2000 dollars and was the size of a couch?

Maniac tells the story of a time when he had to replace the belt on a HP Designjet printer. The catch? You needed to completely disassemble every single component of the printer JUST TO GET TO THE BELT. Can he do it? How did he fix any problems he came across while replacing the belt?  Watch and find out!

Here’s the link to the belt replacement video we used as a guide to fix the printer in case you need it.


Tales from IT – Setting up Multi-User Access in Quickbooks April 21, 2017

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In an all-new Tales from IT, Maniac tells the story of the first time he ever worked with a small business.

Quickbooks is an important piece of software for small businesses, and about a year ago, Maniac was asked to configure a Quickbooks database for multi-PC access. This isn’t much of an issue until you realize that his client had no Quickbooks server on his network. Will Maniac be able to do the job?  Watch and find out!

Tales from IT – Resurrecting an Essential Database April 20, 2017

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We’ve got a new camera and what better way to break it in than to announce an all-new video series for this website, and we are calling this series Tales from IT!

When Maniac was growing up, he was the only person in his entire family with any technical aptitude, and because of that he has over twenty years of computer repair experience. Tales from IT is a compilation of some of his favorite IT stories over the past few years.

Today, we’ll be telling the story of an essential database left running on a decade-old PC. The owner had no computer knowledge, had no idea what kind of software they were using, and kept no backups. It was working fine until the PC eventually failed due to age, and Maniac got the call to fix it.

Did he fix it?  Watch and find out!

More Tales from IT are on the way, please post a comment if you would like for us to produce more from this series!