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Final Fantasy Day – The Sky Art Book Review February 4, 2017

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We thought that since it was Final Fantasy Day, we could rerelease one of our classic reviews of a piece of Final Fantasy merchandise. Traditionally, Princess Angel reviews the art books on this website, but in this one case we had to make an exception.  The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy is an anthology of three books featuring Mr. Amano’s original concept art from the first ten numbered Final Fantasy games.
What did we think of these books? Is it worth picking up?  Watch our review and find out!

Final Fantasy Day is still going on and plenty more content from across the web is on its way!

Final Fantasy Day – Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII Playlist February 4, 2017

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We’re not just highlighting some of our favorite Final Fantasy content from across the web, we’re also featuring some of the Final Fantasy content we’ve produced over the years, and this is one of our favorites. Shortly after the release of Final Fantasy VII on the PS4, we played through the first act of the game with the help of a lot of our fans.  Maniac was playing the game blind, and the task ahead of him was daunting but he was happy for all the help he got!

Here’s our full playlist of that Let’s Play, and if we ever decide to continue with the series, the playlist will be automatically updated to add new episodes!

If you have a PS4 and don’t have a copy of Final Fantasy VII, I can’t recommend it enough. Until the remake launches, this is the best version of the game. Hopefully the digital sales figures of Final Fantasy VII on PS4 encourages Square Enix to release Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX on PS4.

Not enough Final Fantasy Day content for you?  We got more in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Final Fantasy VII is out now on PS1, PC, PSN (PS3, PSP), PS4, and iOS.

Final Fantasy Day – Langsta’s Final Fantasy XV Recipes February 4, 2017

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I’m a huge fan of TV channels like the Food Network. Not only do they show great cooking competitions, it can teach people how to cook, show all-new recipes and highlight some of the best places to eat. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see that part of the impact Final Fantasy XV has had with me is a desire to try to replicate the delicious meals the characters can create and eat in the game.

It looks like online chefs are currently hard at work trying to replicate Final Fantasy XV‘s dishes and I wanted to give a tip of my hat to YouTube Channel langsta.  In it, the host shows you how to create some of Final Fantasy XV‘s dishes, and gives his personal review on how it tastes. I know we can’t beam taste or smells through the Internet just yet it his dishes look just delicious!

Here are some of my favorite recipes on his channel.  First up is his Chili Con Carne recipe, first seen in an in-game restaurant, and the team’s attempted replication of it while camping.  I’ll let you decide which version you like better.

Ubiquitous gamer food Cup of Noodles features heavily in the game, so there’s several recipes that include it as a component.  So far, he devoted five videos to various Cup of Noodle recipes, but this was his first.

Next up is his attempt at improving a cup of noodles with some delicious meat.

And finally, I just want to say that I really like curry. I haven’t eaten it that much in my life, but a friend of mine really got me into Thai food, and I just love having curry while dining out. Here’s langsta’s take on Final Fantasy XV‘s Green Curry dish.

All of the required ingredients for his recipes are included in the video’s main description if they’re not showing up on the screen as you’re watching them.

If you like the videos, you can see more recipes on his channel.  Check it out!

We got a lot more Final Fantasy content from across the web coming throughout the day, so stay tuned for more highlights and features!

Final Fantasy Day – Spoony’s Final Fantasy X-2 Review February 4, 2017

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Controversial internet reviewer Noah Antwiler, better known to the internet as The Spoony One, is a long-time fan of the Final Fantasy franchise.  Sadly, he has not been happy with the games since Final Fantasy VIII was released and he’s created some pretty angry video reviews of Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XIII.  He looks at all the games with a critical eye, but what makes his earlier videos so great is his desire to satire a game’s content to the point his audience will laugh regardless of how much they agree or disagree with his points.  His videos were actually a major inspiration for me to start this website and eventually to look into playing the Final Fantasy franchise myself.

However, even though he hated plenty of Final Fantasy games, there is one game that Noah partially defended, and that was Final Fantasy X-2.  He actually applauded its efforts to try something new and different in a franchise that he believed was starting to feel stale, and while he didn’t like some of the game’s logic, he found himself enjoying several of the game’s moments he thought he was going to hate.

So without further ado, here’s his review of Final Fantasy X-2.  Just be aware, this review is going to be for mature audiences.

Still looking forward to that Final Fantasy XIII-2 review, Spoony!

More Final Fantasy Day content is on its way guys, so relax and enjoy!

Final Fantasy Day – Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged Season 1 February 4, 2017

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Do I seriously need to give an intoduction to TeamFourStar?  They’re an incredible team of online creators who developed a series of abridged online videos for beloved shows like Dragonball Z.

Back at ConnectiCon 2015, my girlfriend and I had the pleasure to attend their panel, where they revealed their plans to produce an abridged version of the beloved game Final Fantasy VII.  This was music to my ears and I could not have been happier with the finished product. Here is the entire first season of their series in one video:

The video doesn’t cover the whole game, but hopefully we will see more in a new season.

Final Fantasy Day continues!  More content will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Final Fantasy Day – GameTrailers Retrospective February 4, 2017

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Years ago, GameTrailers.com produced an epic multi-part retrospective documentary on the Final Fantasy franchise. While the information is now a bit out of date, you can tell it was produced with a lot of love and care by long-term fans.

GameTrailers may be no more but their original content lives on through their YouTube Archive and I wanted to share some of my favorite episodes from that retrospective.

First off, let’s start with Part 1, detailing the history behind the first game and its ports.

Part 2 details information about Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III, which had only recently been brought to the US by that point.

Part 3 discusses Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V, the first two 16-bit Final Fantasy games.

Part 4 discusses one of the most beloved games of the franchise, Final Fantasy VI.

Part 5 covers the other most beloved Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy VII and all of its spin offs.

Part 6 covers the last two numbered Final Fantasy games on the PS1, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX.

Part 7 details the franchise’s leap to the PS2, with the games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.

Part 8 is the only part of the retrospective in HD, as it discusses the PC/PS2 MMO Final Fantasy XI.

Part 9 discusses Final Fantasy XII and the earlier games that laid its foundation.

I would love to keep going but if I did that we would be here all day. The retrospective goes for thirteen parts, detailing Final Fantasy spinoff games and culminating with the common themes of the franchise.  If you want to check it out, I recommend visiting the GameTrailers Channel on YouTube!

We’re not done with Final Fantasy Day yet!  Plenty more content from across the web is on its way!

Final Fantasy Day – Our Collection February 4, 2017

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As PC gamers for many years, we were pretty late into the console scene, and because of that Maniac regrets missing out on Final Fantasy fandom when it first hit.  In fact, Maniac talks about this in his RPG Memories video.

As the decade started up, the love of Final Fantasy being spread by its fans became too much to not get swept up in it.  Fan produced Final Fantasy retrospective videos showed a great series of games Maniac felt he had missed out on. So how did Maniac finally start his Final Fantasy collection?  With a single box ordered from Amazon in 2012.

Rest assured there were many more boxes ordered after that, and here’s one of them!

So that is how it started, how big did it get?  Here’s a look at it from last year, with as many appraisals as he could get.

So that’s just our collection, what about yours?  Post a comment below with a picture of your collection and we may feature it here on the website!

Hope you’re enjoying Final Fantasy Day, more great Final Fantasy content is coming!

Final Fantasy Day – Mega64 February 4, 2017

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I’ve been aware of the work of Mega64 for about a decade now, when they produced some videos on the bonus DVD for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory which left me in stitches. I happen to think they produce absolutely hilarious gaming content, but the video I’m about to show you is my favorite.

You can’t think of the word Final Fantasy without first thinking about its creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi.  He served as the director of the Final Fantasy games for years, and laid the groundwork for its enduring franchise.

If you’ve ever wondered about Hironobu Sakaguchi’s creative process, wonder no longer. Mega64 reveals the true inspiration behind Mr. Sakaguchi’s Final Fantasy games.

Mega64 also produced a behind the scenes look into how they made the video, you can check it out here.

Love Final Fantasy Day?  We’re just getting started here!  Tons more content will be coming throughout the day!

Final Fantasy Day Announcement! February 4, 2017

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This week rung in the thirtieth anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise and I can’t think of a better excuse for a celebration!

Due to our love of this incredible franchise we officially declare that today, for the entire day will be Final Fantasy Day on GameXcess.net!  We will be sharing with you guys some of our favorite Final Fantasy content from across the web, and also some of the original Final Fantasy videos we’ve produced over the years!  Might even throw a few surprises in there too!

So grab your Buster Sword, pet your chocobo, and let’s get ready for some fun!  Happy Birthday, Final Fantasy!