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Halo Series Finally Coming to Showtime June 28, 2018

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The day the Xbox One was first announced back in 2013, the only Halo related announcement Microsoft chose to make at that event was that a Halo television series was in the works between Microsoft and Steven Spielberg. In the years since then, several Halo games have been announced and released, and we’ve heard nothing further about the project. Most people accidentally confused it for the Halo: Nightfall series which was included with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but that project and the project first unveiled at the Xbox One announcement event were entirely different.

Today, Microsoft, 343 Industries, Steven Spielberg and Showtime have announced that a new Halo television series is coming to Showtime. The series is being produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and CBS. You can read the full official press release here.

Production of the show’s first season, which is going to be comprised of ten episodes, is expected to start in early 2019. No distribution method was given but the series will likely air on Showtime. Showtime is already included in most cable provider’s premium channel package.


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Released For Free June 25, 2018

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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was announced during E3 2018 and I’m happy to report it is now out on digital marketplaces completely free of charge. The game is part of the Life is Strange universe and takes place after the events of the first game and serves as a prequel to the recently announced upcoming sequel, Life is Strange 2. The game is 4K enhanced for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, but sadly does not make use of trophies or achievements.

If you’re like me and have been waiting for any news about Life is Strange you need to give The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit a download right now. While the game has been officially released on most digital marketplaces (with the exception of PSN Europe, European PS4 owners will have to wait until midnight to play it) it is currently difficult to find. We found it on the Xbox One Store simply by searching for Captain Spirit. It’s currently a bit tougher to find on the PlayStation Store. I recommend searching out Life is Strange 2, the PSN considers Captain Spirit a demo for that game.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is out now for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. We’re planning to stream our Let’s Play of the game later today!

Friends Lists, Gifts and Trading Added to Pokemon Go June 23, 2018

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We’ve got some big news from Niantic to start your weekend, trainers. One of the first updates promised for Pokémon Go was the ability to trade Pokémon with friends. It’s been over a year and two generations since Pokémon Go was released and I’m happy to announce that feature has finally arrived!

Pokémon Go players starting at Level 10 will be able to create a Friend List with their peers. It works similarly to the friend codes from Nintendo’s 3DS or Switch handhelds. Friend Codes are uniquely generated for each Pokémon Go player. To get a friend added to your friend list, simply provide a friend your friend code, and accept theirs.

This is the first step players will need to take to make use of the new Trading and Gifting features. For right now, Niantic has revealed that Pokémon Go players will be able to gift special Alolan-Pokémon Eggs from Alolan Pokémon that have not previously been seen in the game. This includes Pokémon like the Alolan Meowth.

Pokémon Go is out now for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Demo Released for Switch and 3DS June 22, 2018

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Up until this point, Nintendo Switch owners who never had a Wii U missed out on one of the most charming game’s Nintendo ever produced, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Starring Captain Toad, who you may remember from Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario 3D World, he seeks legendary stars and diamonds while on an adventure. Unfortunately, his headlamp and heavy backpack prevent him from being able to jump, so Captain Toad must use the environment around him to reach his goal.

Today, I’m happy to announce that Nintendo has just released a 3-level demo for the game on the Nintendo eShop. If you’re on the fence about if you want to give this game a look, I recommend downloading the demo right now from the Nintendo eShop.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is out now for Wii U. It’ll be coming July 13, 2018 to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

Life is Strange 2 Release Date June 22, 2018

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After The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was announced at E3 2018, fans of Life is Strange have been asking developer DONTNOD if Captain Spirit was the long-awaited sequel to Life is Strange. Today, DONTNOD revealed Life is Strange 2 is coming, and when we can expect its first part.

Life is Strange 2 Part 1 of 5 is coming to digital marketplaces September 27th 2018.

Quake Champions Beta Test Extended June 21, 2018

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Bethesda has just announced they’re extending the access period for the closed beta test of Quake Champions they announced at E3 2018. The signup period for the beta test was scheduled to end early Monday morning, but it’s been extended until June 25th, 2018.

If you want to play, you’ll need a Bethesda account and the game’s beta client. You can get both from Bethesda’s website, once you have an account you can download the Bethesda launcher and download the client that way. If you are a Steam user and would prefer to play the game through Steam, you can do that too. Steam will allow you to connect the Quake Champions game to your Bethesda account after launching the beta client.

Quake Champions is coming exclusively to PC. Once you’ve started playing the beta, you’ll be able to continue playing Quake Champions even after the beta period closes.

Let’s Play The Finale of Detroit: Become Human on PS4 Pro June 20, 2018

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It’s been a long road getting from there to here, but like the song goes, our time is finally near. Maniac chose to play his second game of Detroit: Become Human as differently as he could from the first time he played it. He had no idea what he was in for.

Will Kara, Luthor and Alice survive? Will Connor remain a machine? Will Markus start his revolution peacefully or violently? Watch, find out what happened, and enjoy hearing our final thoughts about the game and our thoughts on recent gaming news. All gameplay footage is recorded with full video commentary.

Just be aware this is just one possible playthrough of the game with one possible outcome. There are literally hundreds of other ways to play the game, alternate scenes, and many more different endings. In fact, part of the reason why Maniac was so quiet in the recycling center was because he was unprepared for the images he was going to see…because he never played the scene in his first playthrough of the game. Just because you’ve seen us play the game doesn’t mean you’ve seen the entire game.

Detroit: Become Human is out now exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Tales from IT – That Time Maniac Wore a DOOM Shirt in a Private School June 19, 2018

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Most of the time on Tales From IT, Maniac tells a story about a time when he was expected to fix an essential computer despite only being called once the computer is past the point of no return. Today, Maniac will be sharing a funny story about a unique IT job he got called for at a Private School. It was a simple job, nothing essential was at stake, but once he got there he realized he stuck out like a sore thumb.

Final Day for the Quake Champions Beta, Sign Up Now June 17, 2018

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Quake was the game that made me a PPC gamer. Quake II was one of the most graphically revolutionary games of its time. Quake III Arena revolutionized online multiplayer. Quake IV had a great single-player campaign I marathoned through in one night. During the Bethesda E3 2018 Press Event, the gang from id Software revealed a beta test was coming for a new multiplayer Quake game, Quake Champions, and it would be running for the week of E3. If you play the game before the test wraps, you’ll be able to continue playing it after the testing period ends. However, new players who don’t play the beta will have to wait for the game to get released before they can start to play it.

Its been a great week, but the Quake Champions E3 beta test is coming to a close. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now. You can sign up for the beta (and download an independent client) at Quake.com. If you are a Steam user, you can currently download the client from the Steam store completely free of charge during the beta phase.

Quake Champions is coming to PC. The beta test will conclude at 10am PST June 18th, 2018.

Cyberpunk 2077 – E3 2018 4K Trailer June 17, 2018

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The newest reveal of Cyberpunk 2077 capped off the Xbox E3 2018 Press Event. It is currently being developed by the same studio who made The Witcher series and is based on a venerable Pen & Paper RPG system. There’s not much more I can say about this game, so just enjoy this official trailer in glorious 4K, just look at the incredible world they’ve spent years building.

We’ll be talking more about Cyberpunk 2077 as more gets revealed about it in the future. We had a great time at Free RPG Day 2018 yesterday and I spoke to a lot of pen-and-paper gamers who are really excited about this game.

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4.