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Gaming History You Should Know – Ura Zelda February 23, 2017

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YouTube Channel Yesterworld Entertainment has recently been wowing me with an incredible series of analysis into the past of video games, movies and even theme park rides!  Earlier today, they released their most recent video, a look at a game Nintendo announced but sadly never released in its original form. Gamers today would know it by its working title, Ura Zelda for the Nintendo 64DD.

I’m sure many of you knew that the Nintendo 64 was originally planned to offer an expansion accessory in the form of the 64DD, but I bet most people don’t know that the game that went on to get released as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was originally going to require the 64DD to play.  While Ocarina of Time was eventually released without requiring the 64DD, many believed that the failure of the 64DD resulted in Zelda game content and features that never saw the light of day.

Is that true?  Was Ura Zelda something we missed out on?  Let’s let Yesterworld Entertainment fill in the rest.

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Dead Rising 4 Coming to Steam February 23, 2017

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Dead Rising 4 may have already been released on Xbox One and PC, but unless you’re a PC user with Windows 10, you have not been able to play it until now.

That’s right, Dead Rising 4 is coming to Valve’s Steam platform on March 14th, 2017.  That means players using earlier versions of Windows will now have the chance to get it.

Dead Rising 4 is currently out now on Xbox One and Windows 10.