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We’re Making a Gaming Den July 8, 2022

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What do you think we should add to our den? Post a comment below with your thoughts!

Our First Mac – What Do We Need? December 8, 2021

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We have just gotten our hands on the next major piece of our website, the M1 Mac Mini. Since the M1 was first revealed, and it’s benchmarks for applications like video and photo editing have been released, the M1 has drawn our interest. Now, we decided to take the plunge and chose a Mac of our very own. I present the M1 Mac Mini.

This is the first Mac we’ve ever owned and we’d like to hear from you Apple enthusiasts. Post a comment below with what you think we should get, specifically any recommendations for Mac Monitors.


Announcing Dragon Quest Day Tuesday! June 27, 2021

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Play the horns. I know we typically reserve Tuesdays for our feature articles on Japan Travel Tips, but on this Tuesday we’ll be celebrating the definitive Japanese game franchise which set the gold standard for interactive role playing games (RPGs), Dragon Quest.

Created by Yuji Hori, Dragon Quest started life as a game on the original NES where you were tasked with fighting a dragon and saving a princess. I know that sounds pretty standard in comparison to what we can do with games today, but that’s only because Dragon Quest DID it first and has continued to produce high-quality highly-polished RPGs that have sparked the imagination of the entire world. Most recently, Dragon Quest XI has been re-released on Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4. Here’s the game’s opening cinematic.

So, to honor the franchise, and highlight some of the great Dragon Quest content currently out there, we decided to devote an entire day of this website’s content to Dragon Quest. So this Tuesday I ask all of you to sit down, grab a sword, and prepare to battle a slime! We’ll be posting up some of the best Dragon Quest content from across the web all day long. Or at least it’ll be another day to spend time together as we all wait to hear more about the next game, Dragon Quest XII.

Stay tuned and please subscribe to this website to stay up to date!

It’s April 1st, Believe Nothing Today April 1, 2021

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This is just your yearly friendly reminder not to believe ANY of the news that might get posted over the course of the day. April 1st is better known as April Fool’s Day and companies like to spend this day making fake announcements.

We will try to sort all of the news we think may be real through news that may be fake but be sure to keep your guard up and your sense of humor intact.

Upcoming Site Feature – Japan Travel Tips March 15, 2021

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Due to the current world events, international travel has been a no-go. That said, when that restriction eventually gets lifted, I can think of a lot of places that I’m going to want to visit and one of them is Japan.

I’ve made it no secret on this website that I have a strong fondness for Japan. They’re a country rich with history and culture and the home of some of the best game development companies in the world including Nintendo, Sony and Square Enix. In my lifetime, Japan has always had the best technology, incredible food, and beautiful sights.

So can a friendly but non-native language speaking tourist such as myself fully enjoy Japan on their own or with another non-native speaking friend? Japan certainly has its own (for lack of a better word) quirks I certainly want to know about before I visit the nation. So, over the past year I’ve been compiling a list of some of the best independently produced documentary videos about the country. They are produced by a wide range of filmmakers and each give their own important device on traveling, eating and etiquette. I thought that now Universal Studios Japan is nearly ready to open their incredible Super Nintendo World, the time was right to share my research with tourists from all over the world will want to visit.

So, for the time being we will be creating a new topic on the site we will be referring to as our Japan Travel Tips. Each article will focus on tips for a specific topic and provide detailed videos that address the topic. We hope you all enjoy the new series, so stay tuned!

Happy Avengers’ Day September 4, 2020

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Today, Marvel’s Avengers officially launched on tons of platforms including the PC, Stadia, Xbox One and PS4 and we are very happy about that. How happy are we? Just watch this little clip.

In honor of Avengers Day, we will be producing a lot of Avengers news on the site. So sit back and stay tuned!

Announcing Dot Hack Tribute Day August 5, 2020

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For the last twenty years, I have been a fan of the transmedia property .hack//. Pronounced Dot Hack, it is a cyberpunk anime franchise about gamers who interact in a worldwide VR MMO. It was created by developer CyberConnect (now CyberConnect2) and published by Bandai (now BandaiNamco). The franchise has seen multiple game releases (on platforms ranging from the PS2 to mobile) and in one of the first examples of transmedia I can think of in modern day, an animated series that had an interwoven story that took place at the same time as the game. There was also several manga series published.

However, despite my love for the property, we haven’t seen a new .hack// game or animated series in years. In fact, there are a few games and at least one animated feature were never even released outside of Japan. For years, fans have pleaded with the game’s developer CyberConnect2 to make more games, or at the very least port the original games to modern platforms. They did a fantastic job porting the G.U. games to the PS4 and PC not too long ago, but what about the original four games?

It turns out CyberConnect2 is just as interested in making new .hack// games as we are. It turns out that the game’s publisher, BandaiNamco, is not currently letting them do it. So, with all that in mind, we are going to devote tomorrow as a tribute to .hack//. Over the course of the day we will be sharing some of my personal stories about the franchise, why I’m a fan, and how you can become a fan. My hope is to share why I care about this franchise, not only with all of you but with BandaiNamco Entertainment. Maybe this will encourage all of you to share your stories online. If the fans believes it is in the publisher’s best interest to support this property, then we need to show them why they should.

.hack// games have been released on PS2, PS4, PC, PSP and mobile.

Maniac Reads The Acts of Gord – Week of Apocalypse Announced April 1, 2020

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If you’re interested in reading any and all of The Gord’s published works, you can visit his website right here.

I Got a Free Stadia December 18, 2019

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Just wanted to follow up with a off the cuff comment I made during my review of The Game Awards 2019. In that review, I mentioned I might or might not have gotten a free Google Stadia for attending that event. Turns out I did.

I didn’t know for certain if I had actually gotten a Stadia due to the fact that the units themselves were not being passed out at the event. Instead, we were given credits to receive them for no charge. I was unsure if I wanted to really make an announcement like “I got a free Stadia” unless I actually had the unit in my hand. Well, I got a free Stadia.

The Google Stadia Founder’s Pack consists of a Chromecast Ultra (capable of 4K streaming), three months of 4K streaming support for Stadia games, and a Stadia Controller capable of connecting to Chromecast over WiFi or a PC over provided USB cable.

Stadia content will be coming to the site soon. As for what that content will be, we currently have a few ideas in mind but post a comment below with all of your own.

Halo Week 2019 Announcment July 22, 2019

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Dear Humanity, we make it no secret that we are big fans of the Halo franchise and on occasion we have celebrated that fandom by devoting entire weeks to posting Halo content. Well, in honor of Halo: Outpost Discovery and the pleasant reveal of tons of upcoming Halo content including a PC release through Steam, this site is formally announcing Halo Week 2019!

What will you be able to expect throughout the week? A ton of exclusive Halo content, including new Halo videos, coverage from Halo: Outpost Discovery, a preview of Halo: Reach on PC, and maybe even a Let’s Play or two!

So stay tuned, relax and let’s all just say, “Welcome Home, John” because Halo Week 2019 kicks off today!