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Wii U System Update 5.2.0U Released September 29, 2014

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Nintendo has released a new System Update for the Wii U in the form of version 5.2.0U. The new update makes the interface A LOT faster, and changes the appearance of the console’s HOME menu.

You don’t have to run your Wii U system update immediately as it is currently not required to continue using the Wii U system, but you won’t be able to update any programs without having the most recent Wii U system software.

Once updated, you will be required to accept an updated Terms of Service in order to continue using the Nintendo Network.


D4 Free DLC Released September 27, 2014

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I finally got the chance to take a closer look at the quirky new downloadable Xbox One title, D4. Directed by Swery65, D4 is a new type of adventure game which puts you in the shoes of a time traveling detective trying to solve the murder of his wife.

Well, fans of this game might notice we got a nice little present from Microsoft this week in the form of some new clothing options for the game which were released as DLC. The clothes range in appearance but they do promote some of the other new Xbox One titles such as Powerstar Golf and Killer Instinct. The new clothes also give a stat bonus so they are definitely worth checking out. The best part out of all of this is all three of the new clothing DLC packs are free of charge and you can download them all right now.

If you plan to give this quirky game a look, totally give these clothes a download. You won’t be disappointed. Now where can I find a real world version of that Killer Instinct hoodie?

D4 is out now exclusively for download on Xbox One.

The Evil Within Has Gone Gold September 26, 2014

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There is probably no game coming out in the month of October that I’m anticipating more than Bethesda’s upcoming horror title, The Evil Within, and yesterday Bethesda announced that their game has officially Gone Gold.  Gone Gold is an old gaming term meaning that a developer has completed development of a game and created a Gold Master release on disc which will be used for its mass duplication.

If you would like to know more about the game’s development, I recommend checking out Adam Sessler’s three-part documentary series about the making of the game, which was recently posted.  You can watch it below.

For those of you who are interested, here are the recommended PC technical requirements for the game, as well as the installation requirements for the console versions, pulled directly from Bethesda’s Blog.

Recommended PC System Specifications

  • 64-bit Windows 7/Windows 8
  • i7 with four plus cores
  • 4 GBs RAM
  • 50 GB of hard drive space*
  • GeForce GTX 670 or equivalent with 4GBs of VRAM
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Steam account and activation

*It’s worth noting that the 50 GB of space required is for the PC install. When the installation is complete, the game will take up ~41 GB of HDD space.

Console Installation Requirements

  • Xbox One — 40 GB HDD Space
  • PlayStation 4 — 40 GB HDD Space
  • PlayStation 3 — 7 GB HDD Space
  • Xbox 360 — 7 GB  Note: The Evil Within requires a mandatory install to the Xbox 360’s HDD or a USB 2.0 (or higher) flash drive.

The Evil Within is launching October 14th, 2014 on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.

iOS 8.0.2 Released September 26, 2014

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Earlier this week Apple released an update to iOS 8 devices in the form of update 8.0.1.  It promised to fix several issues with the operating system.  Upon release, it did indeed fix several issues with iOS 8, at the cost of adding several extreme problems with the iPhone 6 family of handsets, and the update was pulled about an hour and a half into its distribution.

Today, Apple released iOS 8.0.2, which promises to fix everything the pulled update was able to fix and includes the added benefit of not breaking the iPhone 6.  If you are currently running iOS 8 or iOS 8.0.1, you should be able to update your iOS device without much issue right now either using iTunes or your device’s Software Update feature.

Pokemon World Championships 2014 Videos September 24, 2014

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This year’s Pokémon World Championships were broadcast live online over the course of two days. Since the live stream was kept running for several hours each day, there was a ton of airtime to fill. Aside from all the matches, interviews and commentary the feed provided, there still was a lot of dead air broadcasted as we waited for matches to begin. To remedy this, The Pokémon Company produced some short videos during the show which streamed during breaks and now those videos are available to watch at your leisure.

Whether you missed the event or are like me and want to see it again, take a look.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next year.

iOS 8.0.1 Released (Pulled) September 24, 2014

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Since iOS 8 released last week, the Internet has been buzzing with complaints about issues with the newest operating system powering Apple’s handhelds. Today, Apple released an update to iOS 8 which hopefully will fix a lot of the issues people are having, version 8.0.1.

The new update brings in a laundry list of new fixes on a wide variety of different apps that are part of the OS. You can download it right now on your iPhone or iPad. The update is only about 65-75 MB in size and if you already have iOS 8 installed, it shouldn’t take too long to update your device.

UPDATE: I’ve just received word that the update has been pulled by Apple after some users had problems with Touch ID and cellular reception. However, this may be specific to only a few model devices, as I’ve used the update on a third generation iPad and iPhone 5s and so far haven’t had any issues with either.

I’m sure once Apple has a fix they’ll make it available as soon as possible.

Watch Dogs Bad Blood Launch Trailer September 24, 2014

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Ubisoft has confirmed that the Bad Blood DLC expansion for Watch_Dogs should be available for all Season Pass owners regardless of what platform they play on. To celebrate the DLC’s launch, Ubisoft has released this official launch trailer for Bad Blood, which puts players in control of one of the original game’s most beloved supporting characters, T-Bone.

I’ve only played about two hours of it so far but I’m convinced this content is good enough to be considered a great follow up to a fantastic first game. If you’re not a Season Pass owner, Bad Blood will be released on September 30th.

Watch_Dogs is out now on PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Watch Dogs Patch 1.05 Released September 23, 2014

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Ubisoft has released a new game update for the multiplatform hit Watch_Dogs, in anticipation for the release of the Bad Blood single player expansion DLC expected to launch for Season Pass holders later today.

The new game update includes essential content needed to run Bad Blood, as well as some non specific bug fixes. It is a little over 100 MB on the PS4.

Make sure the update is downloaded to your system before trying to play Bad Blood. Watch_Dogs is out now on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Playstation TV Release Date September 22, 2014

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The Playstation TV, or Vita TV as it is known internationally, is an HDMI equipped set top box designed to stream Playstation Vita content directly to your HDTV.

The unit itself is about the size of a typical set top online streaming box and is equipped with slots for Vita games and Vita Memory Cards. Like a Vita, you can also stream a PS4’s content directly to it as long as it is within wireless range.

Two versions of the Playstation TV will get released at launch. The first, coming in at a price of $99USD will include just the unit and essential cables. The second option will be a special edition bundle, which will include a Playstation TV, Dual Shock 3 controller, Vita Memory card, and a free game. If you prefer to get a unit without a controller, can also the console with one of your own Dual Shock 3 controllers if you already have one from a PS3.

The Playstation TV is launching in North America on October 14th, 2014.

Super Smash Bros 3DS Demo Released September 19, 2014

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Fire up your 3DS and 2DS systems and free up some space on your SD card, have I got some big news for you. A week after it was first announced for North America, Nintendo has just released the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros demo on the 3DS eShop.

Four playable characters in the demo include Mario, Pikachu, Link and Mega Man. If you haven’t upgraded your 3DS’s stock SD card you might want to free up some space on your system as the demo takes up 1044 blocks.

Super Smash Bros is coming to the Nintendo 3DS October 3rd, 2014.