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Research is Live in Pokemon Go March 31, 2018

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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As promised, Niantic has activated a major update for Pokémon Go this weekend. They have enabled an all new in-game feature, the ability to do Pokémon research.

That’s right, players will now be able to help out Professor Willow by performing specific in game tasks. Here’s an example of some tasks you’ll need to perform to earn in-game rewards.

You’ll be able to perform two types of tasks with the new research feature, special and field. Special tasks will activate immediately, and you’ll get a new set of tasks every time you complete the old set. As you can see, special tasks can range from catching a certain amount of Pokémon to hatching a certain amount of eggs. You’ll earn field tasks from Pokestops, and your profile will be able to hold a maximum of three field tasks at any given time. You earn a stamp if you complete a field task (on top of whatever bonus you get from completing the task), but you’ll only be able to earn one per day. Typical field tasks include catching a certain amount of specific Pokémon, participating a raid, or battling in a Gym. It looks like you’ll collect some kind of reward for collecting seven stamps, but its unclear what that reward is.

One last thing I wanted to bring up. Has anyone noticed many of the in-game icons for GEN1 Pokémon are looking a little low-resolution today? In fact they look almost identical to the way Pokémon looked on the April Fool’s Google Maps event for a few years ago? I think the same team that did that event now runs Pokémon Go, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was the same icons.

Pokémon Go is out now on Android and iOS Smartphones.


iOS 11.3 Released March 29, 2018

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Apple has released a major update for iOS 11 compatible devices. The new update, iOS 11.3, weighs in at over 700 MB and includes bug fixes and new features.

The most important new feature in iOS 11.3 is a battery saver function which will enable or disable battery throttling based on the age of your device. The feature is currently in beta testing and should only be used at your own risk.

You can download the update right now using your device’s software update feature or through iTunes.

Cheer Up Demonstration at CT GamerCon 2018 March 29, 2018

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We had a blast talking to Chris Rio and the whole gang responsible for the adult card game Cheer Up this past weekend at CT GamerCon. Hot on the heels from a successful Kickstarter, Cheer Up is now available at retail and we got to play a hand with its creators. Just be aware, this is an adult game and it features mature content.

How did we do? If you want to know more about the game or pick up a copy for yourself you can order it or play a sample game on its official website.

Pokelove Adoption Agency Interview March 29, 2018

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Maniac met some Pokémon Nurses giving away Pokémon Cards over at CT GamerCon 2018. They’re from the Pokélove Adoption Agency, a charity which is not affiliated with Nintendo or Game Freak. Let’s find out more about them, and why they do what they do.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Pokélove Adoption Agency, you can check them out on their Twitter feed @PokeloveAdopt and Facebook here.

More videos from CT GamerCon 2018 are coming, so stay tuned!

PXL8 – Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme March 28, 2018

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No one can deny the continuing endurance of the music from the Final Fantasy franchise. At CT GamerCon 2018, a cappella group PXL8 performed a series of songs from various games with no musical accompaniment. Here’s PXL8 performing the battle theme to Final Fantasy VII.

More footage from CT GamerCon is being edited as we speak and will continue to be released so stay tuned!

New Challenges Culminating in Catching Mew Coming to Pokemon Go March 27, 2018

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Niantic made a major Pokémon Go announcement early this week, all new features and challenges are coming to Pokémon Go and players will be able to keep track of them to earn in-game rewards! The challenges can be completed by doing something ranging from capturing a Pokémon to winning a raid battle.

People are going nuts for this announcement because it means giving Pokémon Go something that it never had before, a story. It also has the potential to revive the waining Pokémon Go playerbase which are frustrated by the game’s instability and lack of a continuous challenge.

The new challenges are expected to launch later this week. You can read some of the details about the new game features here.

Pokémon Go is out now on Android and iOS devices.

Pokken Tournament DX DLC Battle Pack 2 Released March 27, 2018

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Last week, Nintendo released the second DLC in their two-part battle pack for Pokkén Tournament DX. It contains an all new playable Pokémon in the form of Blastoise, as well as a new set of assistant Pokémon. Take a look!

You’ll need to update your game to version 1.3.0 to use the new DLC. If you already purchased the first DLC Battle Pack as a bundle, you won’t need to pay any extra for this pack.

Pokkén Tournament DX is out now on the Nintendo Switch.

Maniac Tries Monster Mutant White Lightning March 27, 2018

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Monster was on the scene in a big way at CT GamerCon 2018, so Maniac decided to film a quick video review live on the show floor Let’s see what he thinks the first time he tries Monster’s Mutant White Lightning energy drink.

We’re still working on publishing footage we filmed at CT GamerCon 2018, and more will be coming out this week!

God of War – Designing an Effective Companion March 23, 2018

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Every PS4 owner on the planet has been paying close attention to the upcoming exclusive God of War. Series icon Kratos is alive and has been paired up with his son as they explore a whole new mythology.

If you’re an old-school PC gamer like I am, you still have nightmares about any game when you’d need to keep an AI controlled assistant alive. God of War will keep Kratos’s son with him throughout the entire game. How do the developers plan keep the player from getting frustrated? Watch this behind the scenes video to find out.

God of War is coming April 20th, 2018 exclusively on the PS4.

Detective Pikachu Launch Trailer March 23, 2018

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Detective Pikachu launched on the Nintendo 3DS earlier today and to celebrate, Nintendo released this official launch trailer for the game. Check it out, but be aware it does reveal some of the game’s plot and setpieces.

I’m sure we’ll be talking more about the game next week!

Detective Pikachu is out now exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.