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Final Fantasy Day – The Spring 2014 RPG Resurgence February 5, 2017

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As Final Fantasy Day begins to wind down on this website we thought we would reach back into our archives and highlight one of our favorite Final Fantasy videos.

In Spring 2014, Square Enix was just one of a handful of companies releasing an incredible influx of RPGs when they released games like Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD and Bravely Default within a short period of time.

How did this strategy work?  What did we think about it?  Here’s Maniac with his thoughts!

Final Fantasy Day – Memories of Mistarefusion February 5, 2017

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Lance Rumowicz, known to the Internet as Mistarefusion, produces hilarious reviews of Super Sentai, Dragon Ball Z and the original Batman serials.  However, he has occasionally dabbled in talking about video games and one of his favorite game series to talk about is Final Fantasy.

Mistarefusion was one of the first content creators I saw provide his memories and analysis of a game, and his Final Fantasy Memories series was a big inspiration for me to host my Memories of Maniac video series.  It was great to not only hear him talk about the games, but to hear him describe what it was like at the time the games were released.

He started his videos by talking about his thoughts on Final Fantasy IV (II in the US), but he has gone back to talk about the other games in the series.  As of this writing, he has talked about every Final Fantasy game up to Final Fantasy VII, but he may update it with more game memories as time goes on.  Enjoy.

More Final Fantasy content from across the web is going to get featured as the day goes on!  Stay tuned, because we aren’t done yet!

Final Fantasy Day – Derek Alexander Reviews February 5, 2017

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Derek Alexander, host of Stop Skeletons From Fighting and The Happy Video Game Nerd has dabbled in his analysis of various Final Fantasy games over the years. His utter joy when talking about the games he’s reviewing is just infectious and I’m truely greatful to him for convincing me to check out some games I wouldn’t have played otherwise including Splatterhouse and Parasite Eve.

One of the first Happy Video Game Nerd videos I ever watched was his review of Final Fantasy Mythic Quest on the Super Nintendo (SNES).  This is a game most critics have panned for being too easy and simple, but Derek found a lot to like with this game and he did a great job sharing his thoughts on it.

The second video I wanted to feature is a part of his Gettin’ Super Nerdy series, where he compared the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII demo included with copies of Tobal No 1.  It’s amazing to see all the little differences Square made before releasing the finished game.  If you haven’t played this demo and you’ve wondered what an earlier version of FF7 would look like, give it a watch.

We aren’t even close to finishing our Final Fantasy Day!  Stay tuned for even more great Final Fantasy videos from across the web!

Final Fantasy Day – Unskippable February 5, 2017

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Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax probably find a lot to like with The Escapist’s Unskippable series.  Written and performed by Graham Stark and Paul Saunders, this irrepressible duo has been making me laugh ever since I saw their take on the opening of Dead Rising!

Unskippable prides themselves at poking fun at video game cutscenes, which sometimes could not be skipped. While these videos may seem a little inappropriate for today’s celebration, I think their humor overcomes my objections.

Over the years, they have produced Unskippable videos featuring many Final Fantasy games, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys. First off, here’s their take on Final Fantasy XII.

Here was supposed to be their take on Final Fantasy XIII, but they accidently played Final Fantasy VI (III in US) instead!

Moving on to the second game in the Lightning Trilogy, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Here’s their take on the opening of Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers.

Finally we’ve got the opening of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

We’re going into overtime on Final  Fantasy Day! More Final Fantasy content is coming!

Final Fantasy Day Extended February 5, 2017

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Well, it’s past midnight, and that normally would mean that Final Fantasy Day would be over…but there’s just too much more great Final Fantasy content out there that we haven’t had the chance to feature yet.

There’s only one solution to this problem, and that is to take Final Fantasy Day into overtime!  So for the rest of the weekend feel free to keep enjoying all of the new features and original Final Fantasy inspired content that we will be presenting!

Happy 30th birthday, Final Fantasy!  We aren’t done with our tribute yet!