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Memories of Maniac – Electronic Retail Stores September 22, 2022

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Retail is dying, but is that a good or a bad thing? In this new Memories of Maniac, our host tells his best memories about three retail establishments that are no longer with us.

Splatoon 3 Unboxing September 13, 2022

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We make it no secret that one of our favorite multiplayer franchises is the Splatoon series from Nintendo. Now, the latest game in the series has just been released and we had to open our copy alongside our brand-new Snorlax.

Oh and this video has been recorded and is being presented in glorious 4K HDR.

Splatoon 3 is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Creating a Bawls Fridge for My Home Arcade – Part 3 September 8, 2022

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As gamers, we have never been shy about expressing our love for the high-caffeinated soda Bawls. Now, as we start the next phase of assembling our own basement arcade den, we need to finish our Bawls fridge. We are back with the third and likely final part of our work into creating a dedicated fridge for our in-progress home arcade. Let’s see just how many bottles of Bawls we’ll be able to fit in this thing!

Maniac’s Kitchen – Fastest Way to Cool Soda September 3, 2022

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Happy Labor Day weekend! As we all get some extra time to spend gaming with friends, it’s always a good idea to keep your beverages cold. Thankfully, the Mythbusters figured out the fastest way to cool our beverages over a decade ago. They discovered an insulated container filled with ice, water and table salt would cool an aluminum can in about five minutes.

Five minutes to cool a can doesn’t sound so bad. However, we’re gamers, and we drink Bawls, which come in 10oz glass bottles. Let’s see if we can chill our bottles just as well!

Creating a Bawls Fridge For My Gaming Bar – Part 2 August 16, 2022

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Maniac is still in the process of assembling a retro gaming bar space to film his future videos. But as a fan of gaming’s most iconic beverage, the high-caffeinated soda Bawls, he’s been disappointed by the fact he can’t find a commercial Bawls fridge or vending machine for his bar space.

So, if it doesn’t exist, why don’t we make one? Here’s part two, where we secure a fridge and start to set it up for the bar!

Lost Media – Avatars Offline (2002 MMORPG Documentary July 27, 2022

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Welcome back to Lost Media, where we talk about some of the most obscure gaming content from across the internet that cannot be found anymore. In Spring 2003 I had the pleasure to view a documentary about the history of MMOs up until that point, Avatars Offline. The film was directed by Daniel Liatowitsch, and featured original interviews with game developers like Lord British.

As for where the film might be and how we might be able to find it? The film got a small DVD release, which has gone out of print. Hopefully some day the director will rerelease the film online.

Memories of Maniac – Arcade Memories July 9, 2022

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After showing off his plans for a basement arcade, Maniac decided to have a sit down in his new gaming den and talk about what his favorite arcade memories were growing up.

We’re Making a Gaming Den July 8, 2022

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What do you think we should add to our den? Post a comment below with your thoughts!

Maniac’s Kitchen – PokeBall Popcorn Popper Review May 28, 2022

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Welcome back to Maniac’s Kitchen! Popcorn is one of the staple foods of gamer snacking. Most of us will pop them in special microwaveable bags, but roasted kernels can pop by various methods of heat, including hot air. Today, we’re going to try a PokeBall shaped popcorn popper (perfect size for Pokémon trainers who Gigantamax their Pokémon) and see how it works!

Halo Soap Review May 18, 2022

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To promote the release of Halo Infinite, Microsoft and 343 Industries teamed up with pretty much everyone who makes anything to make special Halo branded products. Today, we’re going to take a look at Halo Spartan Scrub, which is essentially…soap.

I’m game to try some soap out. What do you say we take a closer look at it in glorious 4K HDR?

Halo Infinite is out now for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.