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Memories of Maniac – The Time I Crashed My Bully School’s Prom June 10, 2023

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As a gamer, I can tell you, LAN Parties aside, there’s literally nothing I hate more than social situations. A few years ago, I shared a story where my parents forced me to attend my Middle School’s Dance, and how the pointless endeavor was a complete waste of time for everyone involved. For years afterwards, I never had to repeat that…until I was a High School Senior and Prom was coming.

I never dated in High School and had no interest in attending Prom. My parents had other ideas. A friend of the family (who was the same age I was) was in need of a date. The problem was, we were not friends, and had nothing in common. The other problem was the school she went to was also attended by the exact same people who contributed to making many years of my life absolutely horrible. However, whether I wanted to or not, I would be going to this event.

Asking “So what happened?” would not be the right question. The better question was, “How bad was it?” Well, we’re going to tell you. Due to the use of some occasional naughty words, we’ve decided to put an 18+ restriction on this video. However, the intention behind publishing this video is to help those who may be enduring similar circumstances. Please post a comment below with your thoughts.


Why Offices Should Adopt Using Virtual Reality Headsets May 30, 2023

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As someone who has worked with Virtual Reality (VR) for some time and is fully aware of not just what is theoretically possible with the hardware, but also what is CURRENTLY possible with it today, I realized that a VR headset on sale today could make office work, especially VIRTUAL office work (see what I did there?), much easier and more cost effect. It also has the benefit of minimizing desk clutter.

So we decided to offer this professional presentation entirely for free to talk about the potential benefits to office employees who wish to upgrade to using a VR headset. Give it a watch and send it to whoever is in charge at their work who might benefit from watching it.

Feel free to spread this video around! If you do, please use the hashtag #WeAreVR!

Mind of Maniac – E3 Memories (Part 1) May 11, 2023

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo has been cancelled for this year and it is looking likely to not return. While many have been happy about this news, our lead writer Maniac has very fond memories of E3, starting with the days when he first heard about it back in the year 2000, and is sorry to see it end.

In honor of the fall of E3, Maniac decides to share his experience with the expo, as a way to try to express why he feels the way he does about the news. In the first part of this multi-part story, Maniac talks about what his life was like before becoming a member of the gaming press, when he was just a gamer looking inwards to an industry he wanted to be a part of.

Date Nite – The Super Mario Bros Movie April 6, 2023

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Last night, Maniac and his wife went to go see the 3D XD showing of The Super Mario Bros Movie. Here’s his thoughts on the film, and we promise it is SPOILER-FREE!

Lost Media – Until Dawn’s Preorder DLC April 3, 2023

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Maniac finally does a Lost Media video on something gaming related! Today, he’s going to be talking about one of his favorite PS4 games, Until Dawn. That game is NOT lost, and people can absolutely play it and purchase it online. However, if they do, they’ll be playing with at least a few scenes missing from their copy of the game. That’s right, an entire subplot of Until Dawn is Lost Media!

Sony offered a digital incentive to people who preordered the game on the PlayStation Store, to include extra scenes from the game. As far as we know, they were the only organization to offer this incentive, as no retailers in the US had a preorder promotion for the game. As far as we can tell, since the game has launched Sony has not offered the scenes in any capacity, not even as Paid DLC. It seems like the scenes were originally meant to be a part of the game, as the early Lets Players who have played the scenes could not tell they weren’t originally meant to be part of the game.

So what does Maniac think of this? Well he’s doing a video literally titled “Lost Media” about it so that might give you a hint. Enjoy!

Until Dawn is out now for PlayStation 4.

How To Output iPad Pro to an External Display March 28, 2023

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Got a major presentation you’re working on your iPad Pro? None of the computers you have at work are Mac but they are offering the chance to use other displays? Well, here are three ways you can get an iPad Pro to display onto an external screen. One method uses an Apple TV, another uses a Studio Display, and the last uses the same USB-C to Digital HDMI adapter you probably already have for your MacBook.

So, give this video a watch while we try these three methods in glorious 4K HDR. For the purposes of this demonstration we’re using an iPad Pro (GEN4).

How Would Universal Studios Portray Donkey Kong in a Theme Park? March 20, 2023

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After the incredible success of Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World, plans have been put in motion to bring Nintendo’s Donkey Kong and his respective characters into theme parks across the world. There has already been a discussion about what kind of rides and shows we can expect coming to the Universal Resorts, but one question remains unanswered…how do you depict a giant ape (that is roughly four times the size of a grown human being) in a theme park? Here are our thoughts on the matter.

How do you think a Donkey Kong character could be constructed for theme park appearances, and would you want to do a character meet and greet with DK? Post a comment below with your thoughts.

Tales from IT – The Time an American Business Used Final Fantasy Hold Music March 19, 2023

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Just when we thought we were done with Tales from IT, another story pops up that is worth telling. Welcome back, where our host shares some of the most unusual stories he’s experienced in Information Technology. Most of the IT work done recently has been virtual, and required a bit of being kept on hold. Typically, most major businesses that have the ability to hold or transfer calls within their system will typically have a prerecorded audio greeting play during the wait. Over the past few months Maniac thought he had heard it all, until a very familiar jingle from a certain iconic game franchise started to play over the phone. What happened next? Watch and find out.

Maniac’s Kitchen – Chimes Ginger Chews: Meyer Lemon Flavor Review March 5, 2023

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Welcome back to Maniac’s Kitchen. Today we’ll be doing a review of a candy we’ve recently discovered. It’s been a long time gamer trick to use ginger to treat motion sickness. Because of that, we thought this old fashioned ginger candy would be perfect for a review. Let’s take a look and see if we enjoy it!

Memories of Maniac – How Premium Cable Worked Before Cable Boxes February 6, 2023

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My wife and I have been enjoying watching classic wrestling events over the past few weeks. Back in the day, at least one would be broadcasted as a paid premium live event. But how exactly did premium cable work in the days before digital cable boxes were adopted by the mainstream? We had always assumed people just always knew, then we realized that this was over twenty years ago.

Welcome back to Memories of Maniac, where we discuss our memories from back in the day. Today, we’re going to talk about what went into watching a premium pay-per-view was like back in the day!