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Lost Media – Star Trek: My Experience January 20, 2022

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In 1998, Star Trek: The Experience opened at the Las Vegas Hilton. Even thirty years later it was a venue that major theme parks are still playing catch up to. It closed in 2008. In 2010, a REFERENCE-QUALITY documentary about the history of Star Trek: The Experience was published on the (now defunct) website Blip. It was called Star Trek: My Experience and was created by Venon Wilmer, a former cast member and megafan.

In 2012, Blip was purchased by Disney and shut down. All content hosted on it that was not archived was lost. Among the lost content was Mr. Wilmer’s incredible documentary which to this day has not been reposted online.

Here’s a video with my thoughts about the documentary and a plea to Mr. Wilmer for its return. Enjoy.

Help Me Find this 90s Disney Channel Arcade Movie January 2, 2022

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Ten years ago, Maniac wrote about a movie he saw on the Disney Channel back when it was a premium cable station. It was about a group of teenagers that had their own basement arcade and followed their antics as they played a game together. Unfortunately, he was never able to learn it’s name, and because of that has been unable to find it or any further information about it. However, Maniac has noticed that the search for Lost Media has become a popular pastime online over the past few years with its own major subculture.

With all that in mind, Maniac humbly provides his plea on for someone to assist him with finding this obscure film. In the video below, he provides all the details he remembers about what he saw happen in the movie, and the details of the search he’s done up to this point. Enjoy.

Hope this video has been some help to anyone interested in assisting with the search. Maniac has already deduced this movie would have broadcasted no later than October 1992. Due to its age and obscurity, finding information about any Disney Channel content online has been difficult, and it’s possible the only record of the movie’s existence is in the pages of an old issue of Disney Channel Magazine.

Happy New Year!

Tales from IT – Replacing a Photographer’s Workhorse MacBook Pro December 28, 2021

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Welcome back to a new Tales from IT! We’re trying a few new pieces of tech today and decided to make this video for you. One of Maniac’s oldest friends took his advice and upgraded their MacBook to a newer model. However, they did it 3 years later than they should have…and both Maniac and their friends options were very limited because of it.

Can Maniac get his friend a replacement unit that satisfies their needs AND recover all their old system’s irreplaceable data? Let’s find out.

Our First Mac – What Do We Need? December 8, 2021

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We have just gotten our hands on the next major piece of our website, the M1 Mac Mini. Since the M1 was first revealed, and it’s benchmarks for applications like video and photo editing have been released, the M1 has drawn our interest. Now, we decided to take the plunge and chose a Mac of our very own. I present the M1 Mac Mini.

This is the first Mac we’ve ever owned and we’d like to hear from you Apple enthusiasts. Post a comment below with what you think we should get, specifically any recommendations for Mac Monitors.

The Thirteenth Floor (Spoiler-Free) Review December 6, 2021

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Yesterday, Maniac watched a video by Doug Walker where he outright begged to see a film which explores the themes of what could happen if a video game player fell in love with an NPC, and all the emotional weight that entailed. I’m writing this to tell Doug that film exists. Twenty years ago, Maniac watched a film that has stuck with him ever since he first watched it. However, he seems to be of a minority opinion about the film, as it is rarely discussed in film circles. This might be due to the fact when it released, some other films…of a more striking visual language…were also out and have since gone on to become more recognizable.

How do you know if the reality you exist in is real or a simulation? If you knew the truth for sure, what would you do with that knowledge? What if I told you these ideas are not new, and they have been explored in films other than The Matrix? I’m talking about the 1999 film The Thirteenth Floor, which combined a cyberpunk-worthy story with film noir style.

So now that you saw this review, do you want to actually see the movie? Sadly, finding a copy of it on home video has been a challenge for at least the past fifteen years, although the film can be purchased digitally. While it isn’t currently available on any streaming service, it has shifted around streaming services over the past few years, and it is likely to return to streaming at some point.

Have you seen the film? What did you think of it? Write your thoughts in the comments below.

Maniac’s Kitchen – Nerds Rope Rainbow Flavor December 4, 2021

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Maniac has been aware of Wonka’s famous Nerds candy for all of his life, but when he visited the supermarket earlier today he saw something new, Nerds Rope.

Nerds has partnered with Wizards of the Coast, the current publishers of Dungeons & Dragons, to offer free digital modules for Nerds candy buyers who redeem their sales receipts on their website. So, to celebrate this promotion, Maniac decided to try this new Nerds Rope for the first time. How does it compare to regular Nerds? Watch and find out.

Date Nite – Ghostbusters Afterlife Review November 28, 2021

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A movie we’ve been waiting thirty years for, Ghostbusters Afterlife, has been released this past week. Maniac, after just finishing watching it for the first time, is going to give his thoughts about the film. This is a SPOILER-FREE review. In the video below, Maniac discusses his history with the franchise, his feelings about the film, and gives his idea for what he’d like the next Ghostbusters film to be.

Date Nite – Venom: There Will Be Carnage October 11, 2021

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Last night, Maniac went out to finally watch the newest film in Sony’s perspective Spider-Verse franchise, Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Starring Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson, the film continues the story of Venom and Eddie Brock, as they now must face a psychopathic serial killer that is imbued with Venom’s powers.

What was his initial reaction to the film and how did he feel about the first one? Watch and find out.

Some day, Maniac will get a guest willing to watch a movie with him again.

Metroid Dread Unboxing October 8, 2021

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The game that was only believed to be a rumor or a hoax for over a decade is finally in my hands and we’re going to open it. Metroid Dread, the latest game in the Metroid series, has been released today. Here is our unboxing in glorious 4K HDR.

Metroid Dread is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

No More Heroes III Unboxing August 28, 2021

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It’s been a while since we’ve done a proper unboxing here on the site and today we’ve got a great game to bring it back. Let’s take a look at No More Heroes III for the Nintendo Switch and see what’s in the box.

No More Heroes III is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.