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Things to Watch While Waiting for Spider-Man: Miles Morales October 16, 2020

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The wait for the next game in PlayStation’s Spider-Man GamerVerse has been absolute agony and whether you’re planning to get it on either the PS4 or a PS5, if you’re like me you’re probably counting the days until it is released. How to pass the time? If you’re a regular to this website you might remember we were in a very similar agony while waiting for the release of the previous game on the PS4 (and later its DLC) and you might think we would just recycle some old links from the previous article. That isn’t happening, there’s been tons of great independently produced content over the past two years, and plenty of great Spider-Man content we missed.

So pull up a chair and sit back as we highlight some great independently produced Spider-Man videos. If you’re trying to pass the time like we are, you might want to check some of these out. We’ve decided not to have spoilers for the game in this article. Whether you’ve played the game or not, you may read on with full confidence.

First off, I want to highlight the guys over at the YouTube Channel Theme Park History, who have already proven themselves capable of creating incredible original history videos about famous Theme Park Rides that I would argue are superior to most documentaries that air on paid cable! In this video, he talks about Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, one of the major rides over at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure.

I remember visiting the park shortly after it opened in the year 2000 and the line for this ride was so long we could not ride it. My cousin and I would eventually about a decade later and we had a blast. As mentioned in the video, it has been upgraded to 4K video in the last few years so if you haven’t gone on it this decade, it deserves a reride. Just a small thing to mention, 4K is considered ULTRA High Definition, not High Definition.

Next up I want to highlight the YouTube Channel Wait in the Wings, which covers the history of Broadway’s biggest flops and successes. I have to admit having a low opinion of musicals in general (with the exception of 1776), but WITW’s videos are so good, they can be enjoyed by anyone (including people with no interest in theater)!

Nearly a decade ago, Spider-Man prepared to make his Broadway debut. It was not looking good,, production costs were through the roof, the director was fired, and early reviews were terrible. I remember being glued to Ain’t-It-Cool-News daily for the latest previews and on-set drama. Well, the show eventually made it to an audience and the reaction was, “meh”. So how did this Broadway travesty make it in the first place, and was it successful in any way? Watch this and find out.

It was too watered down to appeal to comic book fans, and the story was too convoluted to appeal to general audiences. That plus the story was terrible, adapted by a team who just didn’t understand the core characters. Still, I regret not seeing it. Ticket prices were not cheap, and I simply didn’t have the expendable income for a day trip to NYC to go see the show. I’ll never have the chance to talk about my experience watching it for myself.

Next up, we’re highlighting one of this site’s favorite online creators, Linkara. He is the host of Atop the Fourth Wall, a weekly comic book review series we have featured on this site many times before. While there are no shortage of Spider-Man comic reviews he’s created we’ve already featured a ton of them on earlier parts of this video. That said, there was a video review of his that he produced recently that sort of ties into the Spider-Man expanded comic universe featuring an alternate take on a villain we haven’t seen in the games yet…but it is very likely we will see them appear in a future game, Green Goblin.

Now, when I say this comic was produced about the Green Goblin, I do not mean it features Norman Osborne, the original Goblin and the most well known. He was dead at the time. It also doesn’t feature Norman’s son, Harry, who would also become the Goblin at some point. I’m pretty sure he was also dead at the time. No, the Green Goblin that received a 13-issue comic series in the heart of the 90s was actually played by Phil Urich, the nephew of Daredevil supporting character (and colleague of Peter Parker) Ben Urich.

So who was this 90s Green Goblin, how did he end up getting the Goblin’s powers, and was his series any good? Watch this video retrospective/review and find out!

Honestly after seeing this review I’m pretty disappointed the series had ended as abruptly as it did. My guess it had to be cancelled once the Marvel editors realized they had to bring Norman Osborne back from the dead to bring ANY sense of purpose to the Clone Saga, and they didn’t want someone else going around calling himself the Green Goblin at the same time.

Next up we are going to highlight a short film from YouTube Channel Door Monster. They’re mostly known for Dungeons & Dragons parody videos, (which are quite hilarious and you should totally check them out) but they’ve also parodied video games and Super Hero related content. So we are going to check out their take on the original PS4 Spider-Man game.

As far as I’m concerned, this probably happened in the game, we just didn’t see it.

Next up, I feel like it wouldn’t be a true compilation of Spider-Man videos if I didn’t feature the hilarious work of GodzillaMendoza. A self-proclaimed Deadpool fan who developed a huge following for his views on the wall crawler, this guy has produced several fantastic videos on the history of Spidey’s previous video games, and even was able to definitively prove that Peter Parker could have created his own comic quality costume, despite his lack of skill and low budget.

In this video, GM looks at the various Spider-Man costumes that were produced over the years. I know that may sound like an impossible task, but the truth is that before the Raimi films were made, very few Spider-Man costumes needed to be professionally produced, and the circumstances under which they were needed were pretty interesting. If you wanted a history lesson on the wall=crawler, or wanted to learn about what could become one of the biggest controversies in the history of comics, give this video a watch.

I have to say, I was pretty happy to see the costume worn in the Voter Spidey VHS commercial featured in this video, but as someone who watched the entire video, I have nothing but questions about that campaign. In the US, you have to be 18 years of age to vote. The VHS tapes that the commercial appeared in had its featured content produced for 6-12 year olds, who were clearly ineligible to vote. So who was the commercial for?

Did the producers assume the video was going to be watched by the parents of the kids watching the video? That wasn’t going to happen, most parents of the day would not be interested in a 90s cartoon made for kids Did they think the kids would grow up thinking “I can’t wait to vote just because Spider-Man told me to!” I would be shocked if they even remembered the commercial after several years. Remember, fast forwarding past commercials was a possible with VHS tapes at that time. Typically if a person is motivated to register to vote, its due to the issues of the day. Sorry about that tangent, it was just something I’ve been thinking about over the past few days.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming November 12th, 2020 to the PS4 and PS5.


Things to Watch While Waiting for the Third Spider-Man DLC December 3, 2018

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I have recently completed the second of the three DLC chapters for Spider-Man on PS4. Like the first DLC chapter, it ended on a cliffhanger. While there hasn’t been an impossibly long wait for each of the new storyline missions (Insomniac promised to release a new one every month), we have begun the month of December and haven’t even gotten a trailer for the final DLC, Silver Lining! Spider-Man has been out on for several months and I would argue it is the finest game to be released this year. The wait for this DLC has been excruciating!

Rumors have been abound this week that highly-anticipated trailers for a lot of Marvel-related media are coming later this week. We know for a fact that an all-new trailer for Captain Marvel will be getting released tonight during tonight’s Monday Night Football’s halftime show (for some reason) and rumors are abound that trailers are coming soon for the next Avengers film and even the Avengers Project game! Now would be the best time to release a trailer for Silver Lining!

So how can we help to pass the time while we wait for news to come about the third and final story DLC for the best game of the year? Why not watch some of the best in-depth analysis and retrospectives on the game from across the web?

I just want to set some ground rules for this list of videos. First off, these videos will probably contain spoilers for the main story of Spider-Man on the PS4, so I don’t recommend watching any of them if you haven’t completed the game’s main story. Secondly, all content featured here has to be independent or fan produced, we will not be publishing content from any major media companies. Finally, I will not embed videos that include spoilers for either of the two released DLC chapters. I figured many of my readers have played the main game but have not started playing The City that Never Sleeps, and because of that we will avoid featuring anything that could spoil those DLC missions. That all out of the way, let’s get started!

First up, I’d like to highlight the work of YouTuber GodzillaMendoza. While he classifies himself a Deadpool fan (with the tattoo to prove it), he has actually made some incredible videos about Spider-Man. He tried to prove or disprove if the Peter Parker we see in the comics would actually have been able to construct his own costume. Watch this video to see the answer. However, I would be neglectful if I didn’t mention he produced an extremely in-depth retrospective series on all of the modern Spider-Man games, and highlighted all their successes and flaws. Once Spider-Man for the PS4 was announced, his fans demanded he give his thoughts on it, and I’m happy to say he came through.

Next I’d like to highlight the work of YouTube Channel Whitelight, which produced a fantastic retrospective series on the F.E.A.R. game franchise. Most recently, he did a full retrospective of the cult classic Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, which (after watching his video) made me regret missing out on it back in the day. Oh and he also has done a nearly feature-length review of the entire Spider-Man game. Unlike a reviewer at IGN who will use easy platitudes to describe the game they’re giving an arbitrary score to, Whitelight tends to look at it more from an analytical perspective and brings up specific cases in gameplay, features and story that I thought was worth listening to. Give it a watch, but beware for spoilers.

Not enough? If you check out Whitelight’s main channel you’ll find his in-depth critique of the two DLC missions that have been released so far. Due to spoiler concerns we won’t post direct links here.

Is that enough footage? What time is it? Is the Captain Marvel trailer airing yet? No? Ok let’s continue.

Next up, I’d like to feature the work of Hi-Top Films. They’re another critical channel on YouTube that likes to talk about movies and video games based on comic book properties. I’ve not always agreed with their analysis on a few occasions (like their review of Spider-Man: Homecoming) but I could always appreciate where they were coming from with their arguments and appreciated their perspective. That having been said, their review of Spider-Man on PS4 has to be seen. These guys are film critics, so they looked at the game from a film perspective and declared the Spider-Man game to be…the best Spider-Man film of all time.

Next up let’s have some content from YouTuber Captain Midnight! The Captain’s videos serve more as opinion pieces than in-depth analysis (kinda like the videos we produce here) but the man clearly has his deep knowledge of history to back his thoughts up. I loved his review of the Sam Rami Spider-Man films and agreed with his defense about the more recent Venom film. His use of tight editing is great and while his videos are shorter than some of the other’s featured here, his analysis packs a huge punch in the briefer time. Here’s his thoughts on the PS4 game just after it was released.

Not enough for you? Here’s his feelings about the future of the Spider-Man PS4 universe.

Next up we want to highlight Cleanprincegaming, an independent reviewer with some strong opinions on the future of gaming. He’s somebody I want to highlight because unlike previous videos who analyzed the game based on a film, historical or comic book perspective, this guy is a gamer and he looks at it like it’s a game. Why highlight him? Because his critical eye found some things that most mainstream reviewers ignored! You have to give this review a watch!

That still not enough for you? Well, it’ll have to do for now! Stay tuned for more news as we hear more about the upcoming Spider-Man DLC!

Spider-Man is out now exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Things to Watch While Waiting for Spider-Man on PS4 – Part 3 September 3, 2018

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We are now less than a week away from the release of Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4. To celebrate, instead of doing a Gaming History You Should Know this weekend, we are going to highlight some more of the best videos about Spider-Man. In Part 1 and Part 2 we focused on highlighting some of the best independently produced fan videos on the subject, today we will be highlighting the best professionally produced documentaries about the game’s title character. Documentaries that, for one reason or another, no longer have the support of its creators, aren’t available on current video on-demand services, and no longer see air. Then we are going to top it off with a novel-length read on one of the most controversial and interesting stories to ever come out out Marvel, the history of the Clone Saga.

What is the most demanded extra costume for Spider-Man? That would be the Black Suit. It is utterly iconic in every way, with the enormous white spider logo on his chest. But what is the history of the Black Suit? Where did it come from, what could it do, and why was it so dangerous? Back in 2007, Comcast made a deal with Sony to release some preview footage and behind the scenes documentaries through Comcast On Demand. In my opinion it is one of the best documentaries ever made about the wall crawler. Everything I know about Spider-Man’s history with the Black Suit comes from this documentary.

The video quality of this one is very poor but there’s a good reason for that. When it was first published on Comcast On Demand, Comcast kept this video in Standard Definition only even though all the other Spider-Man 3 content they posted was offered in HD. Even in SD, Comcast also botched the video transfer of the video, giving it a horrible interlace problem. I had hoped a better version of the documentary would have been included in the DVD and Blu-Ray Disc release of Spider-Man 3, but this documentary was not included on the film’s home video release. To this day I’ve never heard a reason why. The only good quality version of this video that existed was a SD digital QuickTime version on Comcast’s website, a site which has been defunct for years. Thankfully, somebody kept a copy of this fantastic documentary and put it online for preservation. It is cut into three parts, but it is complete. Enjoy.

Next up we are going to talk a little bit about Spider-Man’s home of New York City. Back in 2005, Discovery Channel used to air High Definition documentaries on a dedicated HD-only channel called HD Theater. The channel would not simulcast the main Discovery Channel programming like today’s HD channels do, but would instead feature its own documentaries and original HD content. One of the exclusive HD documentaries they broadcasted was a travelogue about New York City. However, unlike other travelogues about the city, this documentary focused on the version of NYC as they were featured in the pages of Marvel Comics. Not only do they talk about the real-life inspiration behind many of the greatest cityscapes shown in the comics, it touches on the history of Marvel, Spider-Man, and more. The documentary features interviews with Marvel greats like Stan “The Man” Lee, father and son artists John Romita Jr and Sr, and the late great Joe Simon.

Now that Discovery has started simulcasting all their channels in HD, the HD Theater channel has been replaced by the Velocity Channel, which focuses only on car related stuff. Because of that, this documentary and a few others have become completely forgotten and haven’t seen air in years. Thankfully someone online preserved it and you can watch it below.

Insomniac has promised NYC will be freely accessible in the PS4 game, and player’s will be able to visit many of the city’s famous landmarks, real and fictional.

Enough about the comics, we’re waiting for a game, aren’t we? Well, does anyone remember the G4 channel? Better question, does anybody remember G4 when it was good? We do. Back when G4 launched in 2002, one of the shows on the programming schedule was called Icons. It was a fantastic documentary series written by Tina Wood that focused on the history of games, technology and innovators. Sometimes G4 would even cover the development of a recent or upcoming game like Psychonauts, Jade Empire or Escape from Butcher Bay. Unfortunately, after the network merged with TechTV, G4’s shows were completely gutted. The powers who took over the network tried to ruin Icons by making it cover things that had nothing to do with gaming before it eventually was cancelled. One of the great documentaries they produced in their heyday was a documentary about the development of my favorite Spider-Man game of all time, Ultimate Spider-Man.

Even though G4 is now defunct, even before it shut down G4 refused to rebroadcast any of the great classic shows they worked so hard on. Because of that, this documentary and a few others hadn’t gotten re-broadcasted in years. Thankfully, this documentary and a few other similar ones were included with the Collector’s Edition releases of the games they were coverings and The Making of Ultimate Spider-Man has been preserved online for all to see. Check it out and see for yourselves what it takes to make a Spider-Man game.

Hopefully somebody at Sony or Insomniac is working on something like this for Spider-Man and we’ll eventually be able to see it for ourselves.

I’d like to close this series with some heavy reading. Next to One More Day, there is probably no story more polarizing or controversial in Spider-Man’s history than the Clone Saga. In that three-year story arc, Spider-Man discovers a clone of his from a story in the 70s had actually survived and returned to NYC after years in hiding. However, it’s quickly learned this clone, who goes by the alias Ben Reilly may in fact not be a clone at all, but the original Peter Parker! That meant the Peter Parker Spider-Man that readers had been following for years might have been a clone the whole time! Meanwhile, Mary Jane is pregnant with Peter’s baby and perhaps Peter, if he’s a clone or not, should step aside and pass on the mantle of Spider-Man to Ben in order to accept his upcoming responsibility as a father.

Marvel’s intention with the story was ultimately to create a situation the readers could accept that would split up Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s marriage. That isn’t what happened and we all know how things turned out decades later when Marvel attempted it again. But where did they go wrong? What would the story have originally been if it hadn’t been interfered with? How did it end?

The Life of Reilly Blog has been online for nearly a decade. It was written and contributed to by people with intimate knowledge of the development of the Clone Saga...because they worked on it themselves. Read about the great ideas, the bad ideas, and the studio interference that turned great ideas into bad ideas. You can read all thirty-five parts (yes, thirty-five) of the story here. It’s a long read, as long as some novels, but it’s such a gripping drama you’ll hold on to every word. I know the creators want to publish it as a book but that may be bogged down in a murky legal area right now. Hopefully someday it’ll be made into a documentary or film.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed all the content we’ve been posting over the past few weeks. While this hasn’t help us pass the time any better, maybe it’ll help you!

Spider-Man is coming September 7th, 2018 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Things to Watch While Waiting for Spider-Man PS4 – Part 2 August 31, 2018

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Time keeps flowing steadily until the inevitable release of Spider-Man for the PS4. However, that wait has personally become agonizing and because of that, I’ve been spending time digging up all of the best Spider-Man content from across the web. While the last part focused on reviews and content inspired by the bad work Spider-Man has appeared in, with this part we are going to celebrate all of the great stuff Spider-Man has done throughout his history.

We’re going to kick off this part once again by featuring the work of the irrepressible comic reviewer Linkara and his series Atop the Fourth Wall. While he typically produces one video review a week, he will sometimes devote an entire month of reviews to a specific theme. One such month focused on him reviewing #1 issues from the Marvel 2099 universe. If you’re not familiar with 2099, it takes place in the far future and revolves around new characters who can be inspired by classic tales of heroes and villains. The year 2099 was chosen as Stan Lee believed that would be a year comics would no longer be printed. There was a DOOM 2099, a Punisher 2099, and even a Ravage 2099 series going on at the same time. Today, I want to highlight Linkara’s Spider-Man 2099 #1 Review.

Interesting to note that rumors have been circulating over the past few days that there will be a Spider-Man 2099 unlockable costume in the PS4 game.

Now with films out of the way, I want to talk a bit about television and not in the way you may expect. Many will probably remember the animated Spider-Man television shows that aired during the 90s and 00s, some may even remember the live-action Spider-Man show from the 1970s…but did you know that there was a Spider-Man television show from Japan?

John Ary is a name people who frequent the website Ain’t it Cool News should be familiar with. He is the host of John at the Movies, a YouTube Channel well known for great video reviews of obscure nerd cinema. He’s reviewed stuff that even I had never seen before such as the failed Justice League television pilot or Legends of the Super Heroes. Some of his reviews have even gotten me to watch these movies! In this video, he reviews the short lived but well received Japanese Spider-Man series. It would go down in history as being a huge stepping stone for what would eventually become Super Sentai! Give it a watch!

While John mentioned that the Japanese version of Spider-Man depicted in this television series is not officially considered part of Super Sentai, Marvel certainly considers him part of their canon Spider-Man universe, as he and his mech have made appearances in the Spider-Verse comic saga. People unfamiliar with that storyline should brush up on it because according to my sources, the Spider-Man from the PS4 game will make a comic book crossover with the Spider-Verse in the future!

Next we’d like to highlight some great fanmade Spider-Man content and what better way to start than with the work of Bat in the Sun? Lead by filmmaker Aaron Schoenke, a good friend of mine, Bat in the Sun started life on the Internet by creating some of the best Batman fan films ever made. Now Aaron’s the creator of Super Power Beat Down, an ongoing webseriees where two classic characters from comics, film or video games battle to the death based on fan votes. Of course Spider-Man has made an appearance in the series. In episode 17, Spider-Man battled the Sith Lord Darth Maul to the death. Who won? Watch the video and see for yourselves.

Now, whether you’re happy with the turnout of this battle or not, you gotta admit it was an awesome video. In fact, here’s Deadpool’s take on it.

If that isn’t enough Super Power Beat Down for you, why don’t we dig deeper into the Spider-Verse and watch an episode featuring the future Spider-Man and the future Batman? That’s right, they did an episode pitting Spider-Man 2099 against Batman Beyond. Watch it!

Not happy with the way the episode played out? Here’s the alternate ending:

Of course, Super Power Beat Down is not the only series Bat in the Sun is currently helming. They’re also responsible for the series My Morphin’ Life, a reality show that follows the real life of the original Green Ranger, Jason David Frank.

Next we have to talk about a different fan-created series that I would not have believed existed if a friend of mine hadn’t shown it to me. That’s right we’re going to talk about Italian Spiderman.

Italian Spiderman was a parody of the low grade internationally made films of the sixties. It was created by the YouTube Channel Alrigo and was released as a ten-part miniseries online.

If you’re hoping to see more Italian Spiderman in the future I have bad news for you. Unfortunately, this video confirms no more Italian Spiderman episodes will ever be produced. Director Dario Russo and actor David Ashby have created a new production company called DINOSAUR which are now responsible for the DANGER 5 series.

We’ve already written two parts of this article and so far I’ve felt like we’ve only scratched the surface of the great Spider-Man content out there. Stay tuned with us for Part 3, where I’ll feature some of the best professionally produced Spider-Man documentaries, and even highlight some required reading for Spider-Man fans everywhere!

Spider-Man is coming September 7th, 2018 exclusively to the PS4.

Things to Watch While Waiting for Spider-Man PS4 – Part 1 August 28, 2018

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We’re days away from the release of Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 and we have been going stir crazy in anticipation for its launch. If you’re like me and you’re planning to play it at its midnight launch, the time you’re spending counting down for that clock to strike twelve must be agony. So if you’re a fan of Spidey, how do you pass the time? Well, we’ve spent a lot of time scouring the internet looking for the best independently produced Spider-Man videos, and we’ve found a lot of great ones.

First off, we’re going to be featuring the work of Linkara. Host of Atop The Fourth Wall, Linkara has kept an incredible comic review series going for years. Most of the time he reviews horrible comics, but every once in a while he’ll feature a great comic or talk about the history of a classic franchise. Each year, he’s agreed to look at a new Spider-Man comic, and we’re going to feature some of our favorites.

First off, we’re going to highlight his review of The Greatest Responsibility. The reason I like this review is because it’s for a comic that is just the epitome of the 90s. There are so many stories from that time that centered around this new concept of Virtual Realty (VR) written by writers with barely any understanding of the actual technology.

Next up is a review he did for a mini-series that took place during the Clone Wars, Planet of the Symbiotes. In it, Spider-Man, Ben Reilly and Venom travel to Venom’s home planet to try to avert a full invasion of earth.

Those are some of our favorite reviews but I know you’re going to want to see his review of One More Day. If you really want to see his review of One More Day, go here.

Next up I want to highlight the work of comic reviewer StorytellerSKJ and his series Unrepentant Geeking. I first became familiar with his channel when he posted a review of the six-issue Spider-Man miniseries, Sins Past. It is considered to this day to be one of the worst Spider-Man stories ever written, it’s artwork has endured as memes and despite its out of character plot twist that was meant to have a huge impact on canon, as of the time that video was posted the twist’s enduring consequences have been mostly ignored by the main Spider-Man mythos.

He really does go quite mad while reviewing this awful storyline, but I cannot stress how great it is to hear his analysis of why Sins Past was a failure at nearly every level. It clocks in at nearly two hours to watch in total, but you’ll be hanging on it every moment.

Next up, we are going to take a closer look behind the scenes of the Spider-Man movies. While most people remember the first time Spider-Man appeared in the incredible 2002 film Spider-Man, most people don’t know how difficult it was to get that film on the screen, or all the studio interference that happened after the films started coming out.

Anyone interested in behind the scenes news about films and filmmaking should immediately check out the YouTube Channel Midnight’s Edge. They’re a fantastic source for news and analysis on upcoming films. I first became aware of them while they were covering the production of the atrocious Josh Trank directed Fant4stic (which they pronounced “fant four stick”), and stuck with the channel after that story wrapped. They’re huge fans of the genre and have covered a multitude of subjects ranging from The Phantom to the ongoing issues with the Star Trek license.

In this three-part video series, they covered the entire saga of bring Spider-Man to film. The first part involves the early plans and false starts that took place before the events of the 2002 film. Part two covers the development drama behind all the Spider-Man films Sony has released to date, and the third part covers the missteps Sony was planning to take trying to build their own Spider-Man cinematic saga. It’s a great watch and I recommend grabbing some popcorn before settling down to watch it in one go.

Even after watching this three-part video series, I still have pretty high hopes for the upcoming Sony film Into the Spider-Verse, despite the fact that Sony still won’t release their trailers on YouTube in 4K.

I just realized I spent a lot of this article devoting time to highlighting videos that showcase the worst of Spider-Man. Normally I would not have done that if the videos I featured weren’t so darn entertaining. Let’s focus on some of the positive next time shall we?

Spider-Man is coming September 7th, 2018 exclusively to the PS4.