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All We Know About the Nintendo Switch (So Far) October 21, 2016

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Earlier today, Nintendo announced their in-development Nintendo NX console would be called the Nintendo Switch and released an announcement video.  Other than that announcement video, as of this time of writing, very little else has been announced about the console. This is unheard of in the modern game industry, as most console manufacturers will typically release detailed hardware specification sheets to the press following a major announcement like this.

So what do we know about the console based on what was in the video or what has been announced since the video was released?

  • It will use a type of memory similar to a DS or 3DS game card either for storage or game data.
  • Games for the Switch can either be played on a HDTV or its own portable screen.
  • It supports local wireless multiplayer with other Switch consoles.
  • It is powered by Nvidia Tegra hardware.  We know this because Nvidia announced it.
  • In portable mode, the Switch’s two side controllers are detachable from the system screen.
  • In home console mode, the Switch supports a more traditional wireless controller similar to the Wii U Pro or Xbox One controller.
  • It has a headphone jack.
  • The unit connects to your HDTV using a charging dock.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be coming to the Switch.
  • Skyrim is probably coming to the Switch.

There are still a lot of unknowns about this system. We clearly saw a Mario Kart and a Splatoon game being played in the announcement trailer, but we don’t know if these are going to be native game ports, sequels, or if the system is just streaming the original Wii U games.

We also don’t know what the console resolutions are going to be when in HDTV mode. Likely the console will support 1080p, but 4K support is quickly becoming essential for a modern game console.

Stay tuned to this website as we will be getting more information about the Switch as the day progresses.

Nintendo Switch Announced October 20, 2016

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Ladies and gentlemen, Nintendo has officially revealed the game console you have known up to this point as the Nintendo NX, the Nintendo Switch.

More details about the console will be coming throughout the day!

Nintendo Switch is coming March 2017.

Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer ViDoc October 19, 2016

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It’s been a while since the Halo Wars 2 multiplayer beta test concluded. The game was really rough around the edges but had a lot of promise, and it will follow up on a story I’ve wanted to see continued for years. Today, Microsoft released some new information about the game’s multiplayer component. Enjoy.

Halo Wars 2 is coming out February 2017 to the Xbox One and Windows 10.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version Released October 18, 2016

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Nintendo 3DS owners should fire up their handhelds right now and log into the eShop because Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have just officially released the Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo!

This is great news as it gives players their first actual look into this new Pokémon generation nearly a month before the full games are released.

There are no limitations on how many times you can play this demo so you can replay it as much as you want.  The demo weighs in at over 3000 blocks.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are being released November 18th, 2016 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS platform.

Duke Nukem 3D World Tour Unboxing October 18, 2016

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Hail to the King, Baby!  It’s been twenty years since the original release of Duke Nukem 3D and to celebrate, Gearbox Software re-released the game on various digital platforms earlier this month.  However, they weren’t satasfied with just porting the game, Duke Nukem 3D World Tour includes an entirely new episode for the game with the help of the game’s original level designers, and new audio from the voice of Duke Nukem, Jon St. John!

Starting today, you can pick up Duke Nukem 3D World Tour at retail exclusively at GameStop.  What’s in the retail box? Let’s find out!

Duke Nukem 3D World Tour is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Let’s Play World of Final Fantasy Demo October 17, 2016

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World of Final Fantasy was first announced at E3 2015 and now we are a week away from seeing its official release.  But aside from its cameos from familiar Final Fantasy characters and a cute new art style we haven’t seen much in the way of actual gameplay.

Today, that has changed.  The guys at Square Enix were kind enough to release the game’s demo a week before the full game’s official release and I invite all of you to check out our full Let’s Play of the demo to see our initial thoughts about it.

All game footage is provided with full video commentary.

World of Final Fantasy is coming October 25th, 2016 to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Pokemon Generations Episode 7 Released October 16, 2016

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The seventh episode of the traditionally animated Pokémon Generations series has been released this weekend. We’re flashing forward to the exploits of Team Magma this time, and I’m sure anyone familiar with the third generation Pokémon games will enjoy this one.

New episodes are coming each Friday leading up to December.

Sunset Overdrive: The Overlooked Exclusive Part 2 – The Road to Release October 14, 2016

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This is the second of a three-part article discussing the marketing and release of the game Sunset Overdrive. If you missed part one, you can read it here.

It was early 2014 and it was clear to gamers and publishers that the Xbox One was not selling anywhere near the numbers it should have been. Even with solid hardware and tons of great exclusive launch games, the PS4 was outselling the Xbox One by huge numbers.  However, Microsoft was in for the long game and they still had some new cards to play. About a month before E3 2014, they released this preview for Sunset Overdrive.

If any Xbox One exclusive games had a chance to sell, Microsoft needed to rethink their strategy to increase their console sales. Two things were clear to anyone with a passing familiarity with the new console war, the Xbox One was $100 more expensive than the better selling PS4, and it came with a peripheral that a majority of consumers just didn’t want.  At E3 2014, without notifying their Xbox One developers in advance, Microsoft announced they were no longer bundling the Kinect sensor with all Xbox One consoles. That meant that new Xbox One consoles unbundled with Kinect sensors would sell at the same price as the PlayStation 4, and while gamers would still be able to buy the Kinect separately, many gamers just didn’t want to due to privacy concerns.

But just hardware and price changes aren’t enough to sell a console, you need to show great games and Microsoft was ready to do that.  Ted Price’s Sunset Overdrive gameplay demo would later be reported as one of the highlights of E3 2014.

Microsoft rarely throws advertisement money behind a new intellectual property if they don’t own it, but Sunset Overdrive was going to get their full support. I mean, just look at what Microsoft did to promote the game at E3.

After E3 concluded, the hype train for Sunset Overdrive officially kicked off.  Things were looking better for Microsoft. They re-priced their hardware to better compete in the console war and they had a unique exclusive game that was getting ready for release the holiday season.  Tons of plans were being discussed on how to promote the new IP.  Everything from T-Shirts, a viral marketing campaign, branded energy drinks, to a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade were being discussed.

Meanwhile, Insomniac started their weekly Sunset TV webseries.  Like their Full Moon Show Podcast, Sunset TV would keep players up to date with the latest Sunset Overdrive news and updates. In fact, new episodes of Sunset TV could be broadcast in-game.

As the months passed, Sunset Overdrive was gearing up for release and Microsoft was putting a lot of money into promotion for this game.  Just take a look at this live-action commercial.  You can see the high production values on it from a mile away.

That’s not even my favorite trailer for the game. After discovering they couldn’t get a balloon in the Thanksgiving Parade, they invited gamers to pretend it was.

This kind of interactive marketing really works for me, and Sunset Overdrive was certainly on my radar as the game lead up to launch.

By October 2014 the game was ramping up for launch.  There was even going to be a coveted Day One edition of the game, offering exclusive DLC to anyone who got one of the first copies.  Here’s the game’s official launch trailer:

Sunset Overdrive launched at midnight on October 28th, 2014 and things were not looking well at first. Only five Microsoft stores across the US participated in the Sunset Overdrive midnight release and based on the reports I’ve heard, the ones who had were mostly empty.  Initial retail sales estimates for the game’s first week range at about 138K in the US.

Was Sunset Overdrive destined to fall into obscurity after being such a promising new title?  Was the Xbox One’s low sales to blame?  Could Sunset Overdrive come back?  This story isn’t over, so stay tuned for Part 3 where we will discuss the game’s postlaunch promotions, its DLC expansions, and the unique content it inspired.

Sunset Overdrive is out now exclusively on Xbox One.

Commander Keen Podcast October 12, 2016

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Commander Keen and I go back a long time, in fact it was the franchise that made me a PC Gamer. Developed by id Software, Commander Keen proved that games on par with what you could play on a Nintendo console could also be played on the PC, and brought the shareware business model into the mainstream.

As with all podcasts, we will be discussing the history of the game franchise, talk about our experiences with it, and finally speculate on what we think the future holds.  No reason to stall any longer, you can listen to the entire episode below.

Next time, we will be discussing the PlayStation exclusive game franchise Until Dawn.

Beyond Good and Evil Free On Uplay This Month October 12, 2016

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Ubisoft is offering PC gamers a free game on their Uplay digitalgame distribution service every month leading up to the end of the year. This month, the cult classic game Beyond Good and Evil is free and you can get it right now through their Club Ubi website.

Just log into the Club Ubi website and tell it you want your copy of Beyond Good and Evil and it should be added to your Uplay games library. You will need a Ubisoft account and the Uplay client installed on your PC to play the game but you can get both for free. This offer is only going to be good for one month so if you want the game, get it now!

If this isn’t enough for you, Ubisoft will be offering two more yet to be announced PC games for free through this promotion so make sure to stay tuned to this website for all the details as they become available.