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Let’s Play Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Parts 1 and 2 February 7, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Let's Play, Site Videos.
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Just one day after finishing Uncharted 2, Maniac starts up playing Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on the PS4.  At the time it was considered to be slightly less polished than Uncharted 2, but it has one of the best opening chapters of any game in the franchise.

Join us as we play through the opening chapters of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception with the intention to collect as many treasures and trophies as we can.  All gameplay footage provided with video commentary.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is out now on PS3.  It is also part of the Uncharted Trilogy on PS4.

We’re Going to CT Gamer Con 2017! February 7, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Site News.
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We’ve got some big news to share with you guys, and that is the announcement of the first Convention we will be attending this year!

CT Gamer Con 2017 will be taking place at the Mohegan Sun Casino, April 1st and 2nd.  This looks to be an epic event featuring video games, trading card games like Magic: The Gathering and even pen and paper RPGs like Warhammer.  The con will be hosting a bunch of game tournaments, a cosplay competition, music, vendors, and much more!

If you want to check it out, visit their official website. Tickets are $15 per person, and I can’t wait to check it out myself!

Halo Wars 2 Launch Trailer February 7, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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We’re a week and a half away from the release of Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows 10 and to celebrate, Microsoft has released this official launch trailer for the game.  If you’re out of the loop and don’t know what’s going on in this game’s story, this is a great trailer to peak your interest.  Enjoy.

Halo Wars 2 is coming Feb 17th, 2017 to Xbox One and Windows 10.