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Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS XL Samus Edition Unboxing December 30, 2017

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Happy New Year, Gamers! We have been busy here during the holidays getting our essential equipment upgraded with all-new capabilities and today we will be Unboxing two major items from Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch and the Limited Samus Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL.

First up we take a look at what’s in the Switch.

Now we are going to crack open the 3DS and see what is so special about the Samus Edition.

Expect a lot more Unboxing and How-To videos to come over the next few days!


How to Update the Nintendo Switch December 28, 2017

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The Nintendo Switch has become one of thus Christmas’s biggest boutique gift items and a lot of new players finally have the chance to play great games like Super Mario Odyssey.

However, if your new Nintendo Switch shipped with its initial internal software, you won’t be able to make use of Nintendo’s online features during the initial setup phase. Here’s a quick video on how to update your Nintendo Switch’s system software.

For the purposes of this demonstration, the Nintendo Switch is in tablet mode, but this should work the same if the Switch is connected to a television.

Amazon Echo Show Unboxing December 25, 2017

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Merry Christmas, everyone! A year ago, Maniac upgraded to Amazon’s Alexa-powered speaker, the Amazon Echo. By all intents and purposes, he loved it. A year later, he’s going to give the Echo Show, a new Alexa-powered assistant with a screen!

Before we give our thoughts about it, what do you say we take a look at what’s in the box?

Expect tons more unboxing and how-to videos in the next few days! If there’s something you’d like to see us inbox please leave a comment below!

FAIL: The Episode I Trailer Was NOT Attached to the Wing Commander Film December 19, 2017

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It’s become an urban legend over the past decade that the only reason people went to go see the 1999 film Wing Commander was because the iconic trailer for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was attached to every copy of the film that went to theaters. The story goes that movie goers purchased their Wing Commander tickets, watched the Star Wars trailer and promptly left before the film they paid for began. It would be a great story, only it isn’t true.

Back in 1999, Maniac saw Wing Commander twice at his local movie theater. Like most theaters, his local movie house only showed trailers for awful, unwatchable films nobody was interested in before a feature film. Unless a studio attached a good trailer before a film and made them show it, his local movie theater would never air it, and when the Wing Commander film was projected onto that theater screen, the Episode I trailer never accompanied it.

Sit back and relax as Maniac sets the record straight on this urban legend, and hear his brief thoughts on the Wing Commander movie and movie trailers in general.

This is probably why Apple’s Movie Trailer website got so popular back in the early 00s, they actually offered moviegoers the chance for people to finally watch the trailers they wanted to see, something their movie theaters utterly failed to provide them. Hope you all enjoyed this FAIL, and have a happy holiday!

Pokemon Crystal for Nintendo 3DS Release Date December 14, 2017

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A few months ago, Nintendo released the original Generation 2 Pokémon games, Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, on the Nintendo 3DS’s Virtual Console service. Since then, a lot of people have been wondering why the third game from that generation, Pokémon Crystal, was not released with it. Pokémon Crystal had several features not found in Gold or Silver including animated sprites in battle and the option of playing as a female trainer. Well, I’ve got some great news for people who have wanted to play Pokémon Crystal on a modern system.

Today, Nintendo has announced they will be re-releasing Pokémon Crystal, arguably the best game of that generation, on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Here’s the official announcement trailer.

Pokémon Crystal is already out on the Nintendo Game Boy Color. It will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on January 26, 2018.

Tales from IT – Connecting a FireWire 800 MacBook Pro to a Thunderbolt 3 iMac December 11, 2017

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If you need to get your data copied off of a Mac without taking it apart, Apple built a feature into the OS X operating system called Target Disk Mode. Simply hold down the “T” Key as you turn the computer on and your Mac instantly becomes an external hard drive capable of being read by other Mac computers.

However, certain older Macs have limits on what ports can be used while in Target Disk Mode, and many of those older ports are no longer used in modern Macs like the recent iMac. The 2010 MacBook Pro, for example, can only use its 9-Pin FireWire 800 port in Target Disk Mode, and in order for another computer to connect to it in Target Disk Mode, it needs to be compatible with that port. Newer Macs no longer offer FireWire ports in their computers, and instead include newer Thunderbolt-branded ports. While faster and more capable, Apple users need to purchase an adapter to make the Thunderbolt port work with a FireWire device. Thankfully, Apple does make a FireWire To Thunderbolt adapter, its really expensive, and it doesn’t fit the new Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports included in all new iMac models. You would need to get a second, even more expensive adapter, to connect a Thunderbolt 2 device to a Thunderbolt 3 port.

So it came to be that in order to perform a direct peer to peer data connection between two Macs with just seven years in age apart, Maniac would need to buy no less than one cable and two separate adapters. Maniac called every Apple Tech Support, Genius and personal friend he knew familiar with Apple products and not a single one of them (on either coast) admitted to attempting what he wanted to do, although a few admitted it would probably work on paper.

So what happens when your 2010 MacBook dies and you want to get the files off of it? Will nearly $100 worth of Apple cables do the trick? Watch and find out!

The Last of Us Part II – PSX 2017 Panel December 10, 2017

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No game coming out for the PS4 is more anticipated than The Last of Us Part II from Naughty Dog. At this year’s PlayStation Experience, the two lead actors of the original game (Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson) are joined by three all-new cast members along with the game’s writer and director. They’re going to sit down with host Hannah Hart as she tries to get them to spill as much information about the game as she can. Sit back, relax, and prepare to rock.

The Last of Us Part II is coming exclusively to PS4.

Uncharted 10th Anniversary Panel – PSX 2017 December 10, 2017

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2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of the beginning of the incredible Uncharted franchise. To celebrate, the organizers of PlayStation Experience 2017 brought the incredible cast together including Nolan North, Emily Rose, Richard McGonagle, Claudia Black, Laura Bailey, Graham McTavish, Robin Atkin Downes, and Troy Baker. Its an incredible panel full of behind the scenes information that all Uncharted fans need to watch.

Rest In Peace, Gordon Hunt.

Shadow of the Colossus – PlayStation Underground Preview December 9, 2017

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PlayStation Underground videos were included on demo discs for the original PlayStation, and now they are responsible for publishing video previews of new and upcoming PlayStation games. PlayStation Experience 2017 is in full swing, and during today’s live feed, PlayStation Underground broadcast a preview of the upcoming PS4 version of the PS2 classic Shadow of the Colossus.

Shadow of the Colossus is already out on PS2 and PS3. It is coming out on PS4 soon.

Spider-Man PS4 – Behind the Scenes PSX 2017 December 9, 2017

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During the PlayStation Experience 2017 live feed earlier today, Sony showed this behind the scenes video of the upcoming Spider-Man for PS4. In this video, the developers at Insomniac Games talk about their personal history with the character and give a closer look at the game’s main villain. If you’re as excited about this game as I am, you should give it a watch.

Spider-Man is coming to PS4 exclusively in 2018.