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Step By Step Process on How to Transfer Xbox 360 Hard Drive Data January 10, 2011

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It seems that I’ve been getting the same comments back from different people who have watched my video on how to transfer an original Xbox 360 Hard Drive’s data to a new Xbox 360 Slim.

The problem seems to stem from the fact that they’re buying aftermarket refurbished transfer cables which provide no instructions on how to do the transfer process properly, or if they did, those instructions are in another language.  Because they don’t have understandable instructions, these commenters are doing the transfer procedure incorrectly, which if done “very” incorrectly can easily result in a loss of your data or incorrect formating of a 360 Hard Drive.

I’ve updated the YouTube hosted video with a step by step process.  Their problem seemed to stem from the fact that they were not removing their old hard drives from their Xbox 360s, instead connecting the new hard drive through the transfer cable.  These hard drives are so new they’re not formatted, and it’s causing an error when plugging them in through the transfer cable (they’re being confused for USB memory sticks).

So if you have a new Xbox 360 Hard Drive you want to get your old data transferred into, please read this step by step instruction on how to get all of your data into it.

Step 1: Remove your OLD Xbox 360 Hard Drive from your Xbox 360.

Step 2: Install New Xbox 360 Hard Drive into your Xbox 360, or if it’s a new 360 with a Hard Drive already installed, do nothing.

Step 3: Connect OLD Hard Drive to Hard Drive Transfer cable. Insert Hard Drive Transfer Cable USB connection to rear 360 USB port.

Step 4: Turn your Xbox 360 on, wait a few seconds for the system to prompt you if you want to transfer your content now. Tell it to transfer TO console.

Step 5: Check to make sure all your data is in place in the Transfer Content Menu. When satasfied, START the transfer process.

Step 6: Have a Coke, this’ll take a while.

Notice: Not all your files may transfer, some misc legacy data, half downloaded files, and a few other things may not go with the transfer.  This is not much to worry about, you can always re-download whatever DLC would not transfer.

Step 7: Once all the data is transferrred, log into your Xbox Live profile. You may have to re-download the latest Xbox Live Update.

You’re done.  You can transfer your Xbox License at http://xbox.com/drm so you can use your console-locked content without an internet connection on your new Xbox if you bought one.  It will not be needed if you’re transferring data on the same 360.  Also, you will not need to do an Xbox Live profile recovery or anything of the sort.