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History of Duke Nukem Forever Director’s Cut January 31, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.
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After seeing the popularity of my History of Duke Nukem Forever video last week, I noticed that there were some various odds and ends in the final product of the video that I was unhappy about and couldn’t really tell until after the video premered online.

It was tough to make out some of the headlines of a few of the webpages due to font size visiblity in a HD video.  Also, I thought the video’s organization was a bit difficult to follow by using the headlines to bookend each segment, as they were going ahead of and following what I was talking about at the moment.  So I altered the location of some of the headlines (but kept all of them, don’t worry), made them easier to read, and split the difference with chapter headings on each segment.  There also was a minor omission of a few redundant words for time.

So please enjoy this Director’s Cut of the History of Duke Nukem Forever.  To make it a worthwhile rewatch, I released the video in it’s NATIVE 1080p HD format, so please, enjoy.  Hail to the King, baby!