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Xbox 360 HD Transfer Follow Up January 1, 2011

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Happy New Year everyone, I just want to post a small followup to the Xbox 360 Data Transfer How To I posted earlier this week.

I discovered that there is some data that the transfer process just won’t bother with.  This is likely just for transfer time reasons and not for DRM-related reasons.

  1. It will not transfer over any of your disc-installed games.  You’ll have to re-install any of your game discs to the new Xbox 360.  Full game data can range anywhere from 6-8GB on average per game.  It’s actually faster to just reinstall the games from the disc to wait for the USB transfer cable to send them from one HD to another.
  2. It will not transfer over your game patches.  Those range in space from 2-4MB and no I don’t have a good reason to list why they would not include these.  You’ll have to repatch all of your games individually by booting them up while connected to Xbox Live and choosing to download the patch.  Your games will have to be patched in some cases to play certain DLC.
  3. When you finish the process, the Xbox 360 will wipe your original hard drive.  If you try using it in another Xbox 360 (or your old one) you’ll find it’s been blanked.  This is normal.  Feel free to sell it if you wish.