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Maniac and diskreader117 Try Bawls January 29, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.
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Many websites offer a video series where the host tries some rare or exotic food or beverage item.  Regardless of my many requests from some of these people, I have not seen a single online personality try this paticular item.

Maniac, diskreader117 and the Unknown Cameraman try Bawls, the high caffinated gamer’s soda.  The amount of sugar and caffiene has historically made it the essential soda for LAN parties.  Bawls has filled this niche in gamer culture by sponsoring tons of LAN parties, BMX events, and Paintball events.  It’s also been featured in a few games like Run Like Hell by Interplay.

It’s become very difficult to get since the closing of CompUSA in the Northeast.  I think that store was the primary distributer of the soda in my area, as none of the local stores or supermarkets will sell the stuff.  Target used to sell the soda in 4 pack cans (similar to Red Bull) but they stopped for no reason.  Since all these retail stores have stopped selling it or shut down, the only place I’ve been able to get the stuff is online, through ThinkGeek (where it’s their biggest seller).

So sit back, relax and enjoy while diskreader117, the cameraman and I enjoy some Bawls.