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Alan Wake: So What Happened? January 18, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos, So What Happened?.

Its the start of a new original series for gameXcess.net!  So What Happened? is a new video series where we take some of the most complex stories in games and break them down for digestion.  Sometimes conjecture will be used, and a lot of reference to vaguely hinted upon backstory will be referenced but at the end of it, rest assured you’ll be told a story that you will be able to understand.

But be warned most of all, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

For our first episode of the series, we’re going to be talking about Alan Wake.  For those of you confused by the plot of Alan Wake, fear not, Maniac is here to tell you a story of several people, and explain exactly what Alan found himself in the middle of before he even arrived at Bright Falls with his wife.