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A Very Gaming Christmas December 22, 2010

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Christmas is just days away, one of the biggest gaming holidays of the year.  It’s the day a lot of us remember when we’d get the newest consoles, games, and others.  But Christmas has become more than that.  Christmas is also about those great Holiday Specials we remember watching on TV.  But while most people’s holiday tradition is to watch something along the lines of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, while I enjoy that, there are some other more modern Christmas Specials that have become a personal tradition for me.

Surprisingly, a lot of what became canonical to the modern-day Santa Claus (who also goes by names in other countries as Father Christmas (translation) or simply St. Nicholas) were not biblical stories but stories that came from Christmas movies made within the last sixty years.  The actual appearance which cemented his legacy as a holiday figure, and which all Christmas Specials have been based upon, was the poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas” which is more well-known by the first line of the poem, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.  Once that was published, the canon was pretty much established.  His appearance, the names of the reindeer, how he operated, everything.  Since then many Christmas Specials and movies have expanded upon that canon, adding things like his history and how he got married, the possibility of him having successors, an entirely new reindeer, things like that.

So with that all said, please enjoy my favorite Christmas Special tradition, from PBC-Productions.  It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa has been kidnapped and trapped inside a terrible video game by a malevolent force.  Only Videoland’s one and true defender can save him, but unfortunately he has no knowledge of the terrible game Santa’s trapped in.  Fortunatly, a second hero, without powers, but with full knowledge and experience of terrible games has also been trapped inside the same game.  To survive and save Christmas, these two unlikely heroes must work together to rescue Santa Claus and free themselves from the game.

With each day, leading up to Christmas Eve, I hope you all enjoy another yearly gaming related Christmas tradition!  Happy Holidays.


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