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Spike TV Video Game Awards Show Review, One Day Later December 13, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Reviews.
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I’ve had a day or two to sit down and digest everything that was presented over the course of this year’s VGAs, as well as read a lot of comments by others who had seen it.  I have to say that the initial enjoyment I felt when watching the VGAs (and you can see it in the live video review) has passed and now I can really talk about overall what I felt about the show.  Like with anything, you really need some time to digest your opinions, and while that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop videotaping live reactions, I’m going to start taking them with a grain of salt.

It seemed like the awards were taking a backseat to the premieres tonight.  This is good, since a lot of games won awards I think a lot of people will disagree with.  When I was recording the video I was hesitant to really express how I felt about some of the games that won a few of the awards, because I was concerned that the people who enjoyed those games would be angry I would insinuate that their opinions were not as valid as mine, and I don’t want to do anything like that.  That said, people write reviews of things.  Reviews are opinions.  A reviewer is going to make someone mad eventually!  I mean seriously, it’s not like any movie I enjoy has won an Oscar in the last 30 years.  I’m aware I express a minority opinion in most cases, but I have seen a lot of comments that have cried foul about a lot of the winners at the awards.  In other cases, some of what I felt were the best games of this year weren’t even nominated.  Then there were the ones that looked so obviously rigged it’s not even funny (Seriously, the host actually won an award for a game nobody I know actually played).

I think what was really telling about it was the fact that at least a half-dozen awards were just announced in a thirty-second segment just before one commercial break.  What?  These developers don’t get to stand up and make a speech?  What makes these awards any less important than the others?  This is an awards show.  Show the awards!  What do you think you’re hosting, the Grammys or something?

Some of the jokes were funny, some weren’t.  Some of the presenters were decent, some weren’t.  My video review broke all that down already.

At least this year it didn’t feel like they were mocking their audience.  It has been an epic improvement over the past few years, and this year did indeed feel like a MAJOR step forward with the show.  If I may make a suggestion on how to further improve it (which I have already mentioned), why doesn’t Spike instead go for an Academy ™ system of voting?  Get all the best developers, game gods, critics, journalists and independent bloggers to place a vote in each system?  Keep internet polls out of it, they can be stuffed far too easily.  It’s the best option in this genre, and it is used in other mediums.  I’m sure many developers, even the super famous ones, will be more than happy to voice their opinions and place their votes for you.  If you want to improve your image, start with the awards themselves.  The rest will fall into place.

So, VGAs, I will see you next year.