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Let’s Play Dead Space 2 Demo December 23, 2010

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I’m a huge Dead Space fan, and I could not miss the chance to play the pre-release demo that came out yesterday for Xbox 360 and PS3.  Joined by Diskreader117, I play through the new Dead Space 2 demo for the PS3.  This demo was identical to what was shown at the E3 Confrence in 2010, and it really has that “this is a demo, and not part of the full version of the game” feel.  That said, it really did make me eager to play the final version of the game.

I don’t plan on doing very many Lets Plays on the website.  This is mostly a test for how good my equipment would hold up if I went to E3 in 2011.

Dead Space 2 launches Jan 25th, 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

A Very Gaming Christmas Day 2 December 23, 2010

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Christmas is just days away, one of the biggest gaming holidays of the year.  It’s the day a lot of us remember when we’d get the newest consoles, games, and others.  But Christmas has become more than that.  Christmas is also about those great Holiday Specials we remember watching on TV.  But while most people’s holiday tradition is to watch something along the lines of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, while I enjoy that, there are some other more modern Christmas Specials that have become a personal tradition for me.

There is probably no more famous a Christmas story than A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  The premise is simply universal.  A wealthy businessman who doesn’t believe in spending money, paying his workers a livable wage, paying taxes, or contributing to charity, obviously doesn’t think too much of the Christmas season.  Seriously?  Has this changed?  His underpaid worker who he treats badly has a family he needs to raise as best as he can, as well as a son who has a life threatening condition.  On Christmas Eve, he is visited in the night by several ghosts who show him his past, the present, and what his future will become.  At the end of it, he realizes he has the power to become a better person and make the lives of the people around him better.  The joy he gets from doing this is greater than all his money could give him.

This book has been retold dozens of times throughout the years.  There have been many film versions of the book, including a version starring Patrick Stewart, or one of the more famous starring George C. Scott and David Warner .  There have even been updated versions of the book as a movie, starring Bill Murray.  Heck, one of my favorites as a child was “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”, which casted all the characters with iconic Disney characters.  It was the last time many of the original voice actors would provide their voices.

Ten Christmases ago, Penny-Arcade made their own retelling of A Christmas Carol, with their own characters in the roles, and while the original character was a businessman, this character was a game developer.  This was my first exposure to Penny-Arcade, and I think it would probably be another two years before I started reading their site regularly.  The original comic was written in seven pages.  A new one was released each day leading up to Christmas, with a special two page ending which was released on Christmas Day.

So enjoy, Penny-Arcade’s Christmas Carol.

With each day, leading up to Christmas Eve, I hope you all enjoy another yearly gaming related Christmas tradition!  Happy Holidays.