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Have Your Live Avatar Party Like It’s 2011 December 24, 2010

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Microsoft is having a small promotion for New Years for your Xbox Live Avatars.  They’re giving away 2011 party glasses (yes, like those crazy ones you see some people wear at New Year’s parties after a few drinks) for your Xbox Live Avatar.  Just go here and purchase the glasses (they’re free) after signing into your Xbox Live account.  Then, feel free to enjoy them the next time you boot up your console.

A Very Gaming Christmas Day 3 December 24, 2010

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Christmas is just a day away, one of the biggest gaming holidays of the year.  It’s the day a lot of us remember when we’d get the newest consoles, games, and others.  But Christmas has become more than that.  Christmas is also about those great Holiday Specials we remember watching on TV.  But while most people’s holiday tradition is to watch something along the lines of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, while I enjoy that, there are some other more modern Christmas Specials that have become a personal tradition for me.

As I’m sure many of your families do, my family used to have a tradition where we’d spend at least some of Christmas Eve shopping at a mall.  In all honesty though, most of our major gifts by this point would already be purchased, and this was mostly just to spend some time as a family while getting some minor stocking stuffers.  I remember enjoying it because I’d get to take a last minute look at some of the gifts I had been hoping for for Christmas before getting them the very next day.  Because of the overpopulation of parking and hassle of crowds, we don’t really do that any more, but if there was one Christmas special that reminded me the most of it, it was Scott Kurtz’s PVP Christmas Special.

Scott Kurtz was the very first person to start an online webcomic with PVP.  In it, he detailed the triumphs and tribulations of the people who worked at a popular gaming magazine.  In a epic 29-page story, the PVP team goes to a mall for some last minute shopping.  Each character has their own reasons for going, and one wants nothing to do with Christmas at all.  There were a lot of funny bits in the story that have always charmed me.  Kurtz was clearly influenced by the same Christmas Specials I had been, and decided to make this story a Christmas Special of his own, while still paying respect to those same specials.  You can see that in the first page, where one of the frames has a retro special logo in it when the comic officially starts.  Other great moments include hearing that the office troll was convinced Santa Claus is actually Superman came years before General Zod would come to the same conclusion.

In 2007, Kurtz started animating his comic strips into a paid series.  The last three episodes of the series was an updated version of this story.  I will not include the movie, as he charged for the series, but if you’re interested, you can probably still buy the series off his website or Xbox Live.

Well, thank you for sharing some of my Holiday Traditions with me this week.  Happy Holidays everyone!