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Final Fantasy Day – Memories of Mistarefusion February 5, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Lance Rumowicz, known to the Internet as Mistarefusion, produces hilarious reviews of Super Sentai, Dragon Ball Z and the original Batman serials.  However, he has occasionally dabbled in talking about video games and one of his favorite game series to talk about is Final Fantasy.

Mistarefusion was one of the first content creators I saw provide his memories and analysis of a game, and his Final Fantasy Memories series was a big inspiration for me to host my Memories of Maniac video series.  It was great to not only hear him talk about the games, but to hear him describe what it was like at the time the games were released.

He started his videos by talking about his thoughts on Final Fantasy IV (II in the US), but he has gone back to talk about the other games in the series.  As of this writing, he has talked about every Final Fantasy game up to Final Fantasy VII, but he may update it with more game memories as time goes on.  Enjoy.

More Final Fantasy content from across the web is going to get featured as the day goes on!  Stay tuned, because we aren’t done yet!



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