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Final Fantasy Day – GameTrailers Retrospective February 4, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Years ago, GameTrailers.com produced an epic multi-part retrospective documentary on the Final Fantasy franchise. While the information is now a bit out of date, you can tell it was produced with a lot of love and care by long-term fans.

GameTrailers may be no more but their original content lives on through their YouTube Archive and I wanted to share some of my favorite episodes from that retrospective.

First off, let’s start with Part 1, detailing the history behind the first game and its ports.

Part 2 details information about Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III, which had only recently been brought to the US by that point.

Part 3 discusses Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V, the first two 16-bit Final Fantasy games.

Part 4 discusses one of the most beloved games of the franchise, Final Fantasy VI.

Part 5 covers the other most beloved Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy VII and all of its spin offs.

Part 6 covers the last two numbered Final Fantasy games on the PS1, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX.

Part 7 details the franchise’s leap to the PS2, with the games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.

Part 8 is the only part of the retrospective in HD, as it discusses the PC/PS2 MMO Final Fantasy XI.

Part 9 discusses Final Fantasy XII and the earlier games that laid its foundation.

I would love to keep going but if I did that we would be here all day. The retrospective goes for thirteen parts, detailing Final Fantasy spinoff games and culminating with the common themes of the franchise.  If you want to check it out, I recommend visiting the GameTrailers Channel on YouTube!

We’re not done with Final Fantasy Day yet!  Plenty more content from across the web is on its way!


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