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Pokémon Day 2016 – Il Neige Pokemonth Reviews January 12, 2016

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It’s still Pokémon Day 2016 and we’re continuing our look at some of the best Pokémon content from across the entire internet, and now we’re turning our attention to Channel Awesome reviewer Il Neige.  You might know him for his series What We Had to Watch, or his guest appearances on Some Jerk With a Camera, but he is a big Pokémon fan. In fact, a year ago he reviewed as many Pokémon movies as he could over the course of an entire month!  You may know it by the title, Pokémonth!  Today, we’re going to take a look at some of my favorite reviews from Pokémonth.

Because he had to produce eight fully edited videos over the course of a month, each video only ranges around 7-8 minutes in length, short enough that you could watch all of them in one sitting. So sit back and relax, here’s his review of Pokémon: The First Movie.

Here’s his review of the second movie, Pokémon: The Movie 2000.

Next up is his review of Pokémon 3, which he still argues is his favorite film of the Pokémon franchise.

We’re going to fast forward a bit for this next video. Next up is his final review from his first Pokémonth, the final film produced by 4Kids Entertainment, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.

Not content to have just one month of reviewing Pokémon movies, last month, a year after concluding his first Pokémonth, Il Neige began producing a new Pokémon movie review series for a brand-new Pokémonth.  This Pokémonth is still going on, but here’s his most recent video from that series, a review of Arceus and the Jewel of Life.

As the clock ticks down on Pokémon Day 2016, we are happy to take this time to share of all the great content we’ve found all over the web. We hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves and all the content we shared. Happy 20th birthday, Pokémon!


Pokemon Day 2016 – Pokemon How-To Videos January 12, 2016

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As we continue with Pokémon Day 2016, we decided to republish a few helpful videos that we’ve produced over the years for new Pokémon Trainers who may not be totally technically savvy. There really are some great extra features that are possible with this generation of gaming handhelds, and we’re going to share some tips to help you make the most out of your Pokémon journey.

First up, we have a video for anyone playing any 3DS-native Pokémon game. If you’re having trouble bringing your game online it could be because your game needs to be updated. With the incredible technical capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS systems, the necessity to keep your hardware and games up to date is essential.  Updating 3DS games is more of a straightforward process with recent firmware upgrades, but if you’re not using a 3DS with up to date firmware, it can become a bit more of an involved process, especially if you’re running a physical copy of the game and you don’t have the game inserted into your handheld game system.  So here’s a detailed how-to video which will show you the most thorough way to update your 3DS games.

If you’re playing Pokémon Black Version 2 or Pokémon White Version 2 on a 3DS system, I recommend downloading the game Pokémon Dream Radar from the Nintendo eShop. Any Pokémon captured in that game can be transferred to Pokémon Black Version 2 or Pokémon White Version 2, and here’s a video on how to do it.

I recommend checking out the Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon Omega Ruby official demo, even if you already have the full version of either title, because you can get some extra content in the demo you can bring to the full version of the game.  Here’s how to transfer that content from the demo to the full game once you’ve unlocked it.

Enjoying Pokémon Day 2016?  More Pokémon content is on its way!

Pokémon Day 2016 – Smosh January 12, 2016

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We’re continuing our ongoing look at Pokémon content from across the web and I don’t think I have to do anything to introduce the next featured content creator.  With millions of hits, Smosh is an Internet phenomenon with a soft spot for Pokémon.

While it would take far too long for me to go through the hundreds of videos Smosh has produced over the years, I thought that I could write about some of the best Pokémon videos they’ve produced over the years.

First up I’d like to post one of the first Smosh videos I ever saw. In this video, Smosh tries to convey what would happen if the rules of the Pokémon game were brought to real-life.  Just remember, you only have to battle if you make direct eye contact.

Next up is a hilarious fan trailer they produced which melded Pokémon with John Carpenter’s The Thing, it’s called The Ditto.

If you liked that trailer, here’s another one, except this one merges Pokémon with a different film, this time they’re going to…Jurassic Poké Park.

Smosh also runs a gaming channel, which you might remember for their Honest Trailers series, and yes they have done an Honest Trailer for the first Pokémon GEN. Click play for a dissection of the plot, keep watching for the hilarious Pokédex at the end.

And since I know you were going to go watch it anyway, here’s the Honest Trailer for GEN2.

If this isn’t enough for you, you can always check out more Smosh content on their official website.

Hope you’ve been enjoying Pokémon Day 2016, more content is on the way so stay tuned!

Pokémon Day 2016 – ABrandontothePast Videos January 12, 2016

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It’s Pokémon Day 2016 on, and we’re continuing with our look at some of the best Pokémon content from all over the web!

YouTuber ABrandontothePast is a newer creator than the ones I’ve featured before, but I think his personality and sharp editing makes him a great addition to today’s festivities.  Many of his videos will focus on listing some of the top things throughout the various Pokémon games and anime, but they’re just so entertaining to watch you’ll find yourself wanting to click more. He likes to use fast edits and memes in his content, but his videos are well researched and the fast edits work really well for his unique style.

First off, I’d like to highlight one of my favorite videos of his, where he attempts to find all the instances he can of censorship in the Pokémon games and animated series, and gives a great look insight the cultural history of Japan.

This next video was probably inspired by the comedic work of Jeff Foxworthy. If you’ve ever talked to a person who has only played the first Pokémon games, called Genwunners, and that person only acknowledges the first generation games (Ed note: *waves*), you’ll love this video.

In this next video, he takes a look at some of the unresolved mysteries in the third generation remakes.

In this video, he listed up some of the best and most iconic Pokémon Trainer quotes from all of the games.

Finally I want to showcase another of my favorite videos of his, which looks into the theory that all of the creatures from Pokémon are in fact aliens.

If you’d prefer something a bit more nostalgic, or something involving Pokémon fandom you may not have known about, here’s his look back at an actual unofficial circulation, Beckett Pokémon Magazine.

If you liked these videos I can’t recommend checking out ABrandontothePast’s YouTube channel enough!

Pokémon Day 2016 will be continuing so stay tuned to this website all night for even more Pokémon highlights from all across the web!

Pokémon Day 2016 – The Return of Suede January 12, 2016

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I know I’ve talked about this guy in the past, but his content is so good, on Pokémon Day 2016, he deserves another look!  William Dufrense, better known to the Internet as Suede, is an Internet reviewer known for his insightful look at the animated films coming out of Japan!

A few years ago, before the resurgence of Pokémania, Suede set out to review every single one of the Pokémon movies along with several of his peers including Linkara and JewWario.

Since starting, a lot has changed. He’s only been able to review the first four Pokémon movies, although he has reviewed some other Pokémon content including the holiday episode, and the animated shorts. However these reviews are SO good, they merit another look!

After the closing of Blip.TV, the reviews became unavalible online for a brief time. That’s also why my older links for previous Suede reviews may no longer be functional.  Don’t worry, Suede has recently republished them on YouTube and they are available to see.  So without further ado here are some of Suede’s reviews of the Pokémon movies.

First up, here’s their review of the first Pokémon movie. It’s a great look at this classic through their nostalgic eyes, but what really appealed to me was the decision to frame this review by setting it within the beta of a Pokémon MMO.  Give it a watch!

Next up is the review of Pokémon: The Movie 2000. This is a hilarious review of a film that many have great memories of, but I personally haven’t been able to see it.

Next up, before reviewing the third Pokémon film, Suede reviewed the first two animated shorts that aired before the first two animated films.

Next up is the review of the third Pokémon movie, which they have stated was their absolute favorite of the entire Pokémon film franchise.

It was great to get to see their insight into these films, as they have become hard to come by. Seriously, Warner Bros, why the hell haven’t these three films gotten a Blu-Ray release yet?

Next up is a film that is a lot easier to find on disc, Pokémon 4ever. With the passing of JewWario, this may be difficult for some to watch, but I think Suede gave Justin a great sendoff.

Sadly, this would be the final Pokémon film review Suede has published, but he is continuing to work on them. You can check out his review of the banned Pokémon Holiday episode below, it’s a great nostalgic review that I’ve watched every Christmas.

And that is our profile on Suede, an incredibly talented reviewer with a love of Pokémon so great, it contributed to my revived interest in the beloved franchise back in late 2012!

Pokémon Day 2016 is hardly over guys, and a lot more content is on its way!  Stay tuned!

Pokémon Day 2016 – TamashiiHiroka January 12, 2016

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Continuing with our coverage of all of the great Pokémon content from across the Internet, we come to YouTube sensation TamashiiHiroka.

I first became familiar with Tamashii’s work while doing research on the third generation Pokémon games (GEN3). I found her review of the GEN3 games insightful, creative and unique, and after going through her detailed back catalog of Pokémon videos I became hooked.

Like with other content creators I’ll be featuring here on my website today, I’m going to showcase only a few of my favorite videos here, but I will encourage everyone to check out her channel for themselves. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

First up, I want to showcase one of my absolute favorite videos of hers. I know people (including online celebrities like 1kidsentertainment) have been begging Nintendo to produce a Pokémon MMO game for years. Here’s her thoughts on why that probably hasn’t happened yet.

Next up, I want to showcase another great video that she did for TheJWittz, where she takes a look at some unique Pokémon games that never made it to North America and elsewhere outside of Japan, essentially making them banned games.  I really hope some of these games will end up getting brought over here.

Here’s a video for you Pokéshippers out there. In this next video she discusses the incredibly controversial plot thread from the Pokémon animated series and tries to determine if Ash and Misty were in love.

Next, here’s a hilarious video where she comments on the 90s Pokémon commercials. If you haven’t seen these commercials, they provide a great insight into the time. If you’re like me and you have seen them back when they were new, it’s a great nostalgic trip back to the first time when Pokémon ruled the world.

Next up I want to highlight some of her Pokémon game reviews. I’m going to start with her review of a game I had no idea even existed, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

Continuing with her reviews, next up is her review of the two Pokémon Stadium games which came out in North America.  I never got to play these games back in the day and I really hope Nintendo figures out a way to bring them to the Wii U’s Virtual Console.

Finally I want to wrap this article up with the newest video of hers, where she looks into the history of my favorite antagonists from the Pokémon franchise, N.

So there you have it guys, some of my favorite content from YouTube superstar TamashiiHiroka. Of course this is just an incomplete list, and I encourage all of you to check out her official YouTube channel and check out more of her videos!

We got a lot more Pokémon content on its way, as we continue with Pokémon Day 2016!

Pokémon Day 2016 – Our Pokémon Memories January 12, 2016

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A few years ago our lead writer, Maniac, talked about his history with the Pokémon franchise and how it impacted his life.  While we would usually relegate that kind of content to a podcast format, it was decided that since Maniac’s memories were strictly relegated to the first generation titles (GEN1), he should hold off doing a podcast until he had played and completed the more recent titles.

However, Pokémon‘s cultural impact was so great that it trancended the games themselves. Even without having played the games, Maniac still interacted with Pokémon on a constant basis, and it had a profound affect on his outlook on the gaming industry in general.

How did this franchise effect him?  What does he think about it now?  Today, in honor of Pokémon Day 2016, we’re going to repost that video and Maniac will tell you about his memories of Pokémon.

Not enough content for you?  Don’t worry, Pokémon Day 2016 continues with more of the best content from us and all over the Internet. Stay tuned!

And by the way, if you’d like to hear Maniac’s thoughts about Pokémon after having played the newest games in the series, we will be doing our next podcast about this franchise!  Stay tuned for that later in the week!

Pokemon Day 2016 – TheJWittz Videos January 12, 2016

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This month marks the 20th birthday of the Pokémon franchise, and to celebrate the birthday of this timeless classic franchise, we’re going to be posting up some of the best Pokémon content from across the web!

To start off, we’ll be talking about the videos of a man who needs no introduction. He has millions of hits on his YouTube videos, and has served as a color commentator for Pokémon TCG matches during live tournaments sanctioned by The Pokémon Company. Of course I’m talking about TheJWittz!

It would be far too difficult for me to post every single one of this man’s Pokémon related videos on this website (he literally has a series called Pokémon Fact of the Day) so instead I’m going to just link to some of my personal favorite videos of his, and recommend you visit his official YouTube Channel to see all of the rest of his videos!

First off, I’d like to share the first video of his that I ever saw, a review of the game Pokémon Colosseum for the GameCube. I had always wanted Nintendo to produce a Pokémon game with a single-player story for home consoles. I had no idea that Nintendo had already done that!

Next up, here’s an analysis of the many faces of Mewtwo.

Here’s his review of the Pokémon Re-Burst manga, a manga so unusual for Pokémon, it hasn’t even recieved a translation here.

Staying on the manga plot thread, here’s his look at some of the censorship which took place with the Pokémon Adventures manga. Seriously VIZ?

For you animated series out there, he also produced a pretty great analysis of Pokémon‘s greatest unanswered plot thread, and tries to determine the identity of Ash Ketchum’s father.

Here’s a video about Ash’s enduring age of 10.  Personally I think Ash is a Time Lord.

Many have considered this final video to be the greatest episode he ever created, and probably the first video of theirs they ever saw.  Continuing with the animated series angle, he also took a look at some of the series BANNED episodes.

So there you have it, some of my favorite videos from TheJWittz. Feel free to visit his YouTube Channel and check out all of his great content.

Pokémon Day 2016 is just getting started and boy do we have a lot more coverage on the way!  Stay tuned to this site for more content!

Happy 20th Birthday, Pokemon January 12, 2016

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Wow, time really does fly. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have announced that this year marks the 20th birthday of the Pokémon franchise!  That’s right, that handheld game where you travel across the world, capturing, training, trading and collecting Pokémon, has been going strong for twenty years!

To celebrate the incredible milestone, the game’s developers will be redistributing ALL of the previously exclusive legendary Pokémon from each generation that could not be obtained through normal means, starting with Mew in February.  These Pokémon should be obtainable through either Nintendo Network or GameStop. This is an incredible revelation as it enables the game’s newest players (as well as old school players with dead batteries) to reobtain some of the most powerful Pokémon ever created completely legitimately through the Gift feature!

The Pokémon Company also launched the official Pokémon 20 website.  The website currently features a timeline of all the games, TCG expansions, and TV seasons that have been released over the past 20 years as well as a tentative schedule for all the Legendary Pokémon they plan to distribute.

Finally, in honor of the event, we have decided to take this time to announce Pokémon Day 2016. That’s right, for the rest of the day we will be re-releasing some of our best Pokémon related content, alongside some of the best Pokémon content from across the web.  It is possible, given the heavy demand for it, all this Pokémon-mania could mean the site’s next Podcast…could be on the Pokémon franchise!

Happy Birthday, Pokémon. Keep those #Pokemon20 hashtags flying in social media!