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Pokémon Day 2016 – The Return of Suede January 12, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Site News.

I know I’ve talked about this guy in the past, but his content is so good, on Pokémon Day 2016, he deserves another look!  William Dufrense, better known to the Internet as Suede, is an Internet reviewer known for his insightful look at the animated films coming out of Japan!

A few years ago, before the resurgence of Pokémania, Suede set out to review every single one of the Pokémon movies along with several of his peers including Linkara and JewWario.

Since starting, a lot has changed. He’s only been able to review the first four Pokémon movies, although he has reviewed some other Pokémon content including the holiday episode, and the animated shorts. However these reviews are SO good, they merit another look!

After the closing of Blip.TV, the reviews became unavalible online for a brief time. That’s also why my older links for previous Suede reviews may no longer be functional.  Don’t worry, Suede has recently republished them on YouTube and they are available to see.  So without further ado here are some of Suede’s reviews of the Pokémon movies.

First up, here’s their review of the first Pokémon movie. It’s a great look at this classic through their nostalgic eyes, but what really appealed to me was the decision to frame this review by setting it within the beta of a Pokémon MMO.  Give it a watch!

Next up is the review of Pokémon: The Movie 2000. This is a hilarious review of a film that many have great memories of, but I personally haven’t been able to see it.

Next up, before reviewing the third Pokémon film, Suede reviewed the first two animated shorts that aired before the first two animated films.

Next up is the review of the third Pokémon movie, which they have stated was their absolute favorite of the entire Pokémon film franchise.

It was great to get to see their insight into these films, as they have become hard to come by. Seriously, Warner Bros, why the hell haven’t these three films gotten a Blu-Ray release yet?

Next up is a film that is a lot easier to find on disc, Pokémon 4ever. With the passing of JewWario, this may be difficult for some to watch, but I think Suede gave Justin a great sendoff.

Sadly, this would be the final Pokémon film review Suede has published, but he is continuing to work on them. You can check out his review of the banned Pokémon Holiday episode below, it’s a great nostalgic review that I’ve watched every Christmas.

And that is our profile on Suede, an incredibly talented reviewer with a love of Pokémon so great, it contributed to my revived interest in the beloved franchise back in late 2012!

Pokémon Day 2016 is hardly over guys, and a lot more content is on its way!  Stay tuned!



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