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Pokémon Day 2016 – Our Pokémon Memories January 12, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Site News.

A few years ago our lead writer, Maniac, talked about his history with the Pokémon franchise and how it impacted his life.  While we would usually relegate that kind of content to a podcast format, it was decided that since Maniac’s memories were strictly relegated to the first generation titles (GEN1), he should hold off doing a podcast until he had played and completed the more recent titles.

However, Pokémon‘s cultural impact was so great that it trancended the games themselves. Even without having played the games, Maniac still interacted with Pokémon on a constant basis, and it had a profound affect on his outlook on the gaming industry in general.

How did this franchise effect him?  What does he think about it now?  Today, in honor of Pokémon Day 2016, we’re going to repost that video and Maniac will tell you about his memories of Pokémon.

Not enough content for you?  Don’t worry, Pokémon Day 2016 continues with more of the best content from us and all over the Internet. Stay tuned!

And by the way, if you’d like to hear Maniac’s thoughts about Pokémon after having played the newest games in the series, we will be doing our next podcast about this franchise!  Stay tuned for that later in the week!



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