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Pokemon Day 2016 – TheJWittz Videos January 12, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Site News.

This month marks the 20th birthday of the Pokémon franchise, and to celebrate the birthday of this timeless classic franchise, we’re going to be posting up some of the best Pokémon content from across the web!

To start off, we’ll be talking about the videos of a man who needs no introduction. He has millions of hits on his YouTube videos, and has served as a color commentator for Pokémon TCG matches during live tournaments sanctioned by The Pokémon Company. Of course I’m talking about TheJWittz!

It would be far too difficult for me to post every single one of this man’s Pokémon related videos on this website (he literally has a series called Pokémon Fact of the Day) so instead I’m going to just link to some of my personal favorite videos of his, and recommend you visit his official YouTube Channel to see all of the rest of his videos!

First off, I’d like to share the first video of his that I ever saw, a review of the game Pokémon Colosseum for the GameCube. I had always wanted Nintendo to produce a Pokémon game with a single-player story for home consoles. I had no idea that Nintendo had already done that!

Next up, here’s an analysis of the many faces of Mewtwo.

Here’s his review of the Pokémon Re-Burst manga, a manga so unusual for Pokémon, it hasn’t even recieved a translation here.

Staying on the manga plot thread, here’s his look at some of the censorship which took place with the Pokémon Adventures manga. Seriously VIZ?

For you animated series out there, he also produced a pretty great analysis of Pokémon‘s greatest unanswered plot thread, and tries to determine the identity of Ash Ketchum’s father.

Here’s a video about Ash’s enduring age of 10.  Personally I think Ash is a Time Lord.

Many have considered this final video to be the greatest episode he ever created, and probably the first video of theirs they ever saw.  Continuing with the animated series angle, he also took a look at some of the series BANNED episodes.

So there you have it, some of my favorite videos from TheJWittz. Feel free to visit his YouTube Channel and check out all of his great content.

Pokémon Day 2016 is just getting started and boy do we have a lot more coverage on the way!  Stay tuned to this site for more content!



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