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I was Partially Right, In Halo Reach you Play as a Girl…OR a Guy June 30, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

I was watching a Halo Reach gameplay demo and caught an interesting tidbit I theorized but simply left in the editorial comments.  I was pretty certain that the protagonist of Halo Reach, known as Noble 6 or the “Lone Wolf” would be a female character based on something I read in the Halo Encyclopedia.

Well I was partially right, in Halo Reach you play as a girl…or as a guy.  The game allows you to choose the gender of your playable character in the single player campaign and that carries over to the multiplayer game.  Previously, you were forced to play as a male character in the Single Player of Halo, known as The Master Chief, but in multiplayer since Halo 3, you could choose to play as a female Spartan.

Since Halo 3 ODST, I’ve noticed Bungie has become less and less inclined to put a strong personality upon their protagonists.  Granted, the Master Chief was not the pillar of communication in the Halo trilogy (most of the chatter and personality came from Cortana) but he spoke when needed, and when he did speak, it was strong.  That was just a testament to the good writing.  In Halo 3 ODST you played as “The Rookie”, another faceless character who this time didn’t speak at all, and who’s backstory was never gone into, not even in the Halo Encyclopedia.  In fact, because “The Rookie” never spoke, I was surprised they didn’t give the option in that game to make gender selectable in that game.

If Bungie is choosing again for a mute player, gender selection is a good decision.  However, Bungie has excelled at creating strong protagonists in the Halo universe, it’s sad to see that personality go away.


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