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I’m not using “When it’s Done” Anymore June 20, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Uncategorized.

Usually I’ll follow up specific game news information with a snippet at the end about the specific platforms the game in question will be released, the traditional statement coined by id Software (famous for missing their release dates constantly) became “When it’s done”.  It’s not supposed to have a negative connection for anyone, it’s just listed because the developers honestly don’t have a timetable for release set up yet.

Well, Duke Nukem Forever basically destroyed “When it’s Done” for everyone.  Now, “When it’s done” has basically became “It’s not coming.”

But that asks the question, what does one say for a game that has not announced a release timetable if not “When it’s done”?  “Coming Someday”?  That sounds even worse.  Anyways for right now, those spaces are going to be left blank if no release date is clued with the news announcement.  Not what I’d prefer to do, but I have no better option.