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Valve Completes Orange Box on Mac Tomorrow With Team Fortress 2 June 9, 2010

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Valve is expected to release Team Fortress 2, the final part of 2007’s The Orange Box, to the Mac OSX platform tomorrow.  This joins Portal and Half-Life 2 (with Ep 1 and 2), which are all already up for purchase and download.

Bringing these classic games to the Mac platform has been quite benificial to PC users.  When Portal was released at launch, it was given out for free to all users who wanted it for a week.  When Half-Life 2 was released for the Mac, Valve updated the PC version of it and Episode 1 to support the Steam Achievements and Steamworks system, bringing it on par with the Xbox 360 release (and therefore making me play it for the tenth time!).

Team Fortress 2 Mac is expected to be compatable with it’s PC counterpart for Mac user vs PC user play.

Poets of the Fall – War June 9, 2010

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Well we now know what that Remedy live action teaser was…teasing.  It’s this video!  The official music video for the theme to Alan Wake, by Poets of the Fall.  Enjoy!

Playstation Network is down Today June 9, 2010

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I tried signing in to my Playstation 3 so I could access some downloads I had off the Playstation Store, but my login was refused.  The response was that the Playstation Network is down for some server side work today.  Should be back up later.

The Explanation Behind this Mortal Kombat Movie June 9, 2010

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By now many of you have seen this movie, which hit the web and went viral yesterday.

As of one day later it currently has over a million pageviews, and that’s just from the YouTube version.  It is obviously a realistic take on Mortal Kombat, in movie form, and it features easily recognized Hollywood actors like Jeri Ryan and Michael Jai White.  Likely without the star power, most would’ve filed this under fanfilm, but with the star power, many considered this to be an in progress look at a new, unannounced Mortal Kombat movie.

Through several gaming news blogs contacting the easily recognizable actors, and my own questioning of a Hollywood insider, we have determined what this video is.

It is not a teaser or a trailer for an upcomming Mortal Kombat movie, it is a pitch, an offer to the movie studios, for funding.  Likely due to the high traffic of the video (and the fact that most movie studios will throw millions of dollars at anything) this will probably get funding.

If any new developments on the film comes up, I’ll be sure to post it here.

Max Payne 3 Delayed, Good June 9, 2010

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Take 2 Interactive announced in their confrence call that Max Payne 3, a game which previously had a solid release date, will not see release this fiscal year.

This is probably due to the fact that the game design was so terribly bad and completely unlike what a Max Payne game should’ve been, when the intial previews came out, everyone so universally hated it the company must’ve stepped in and stopped the game developers from destroying their valuable property.

Something pretty similar to this happened in 2007 when the inital previews came out for what became Splinter Cell Conviction, which saw a major overhaul and shift of design focus.  Even Remedy admitted Alan Wake saw something like it during the five year game development of that game.

So they probably dropped the game from the release schedule to give the developers time to make it good.  I appreciate that Take 2.  However, I would prefer to suggest that now that Remedy, the company that made Max Payne in the first place (and made it the classic that it is today I might add), is no longer working on Alan Wake, maybe you should trash your game and beg them to make Max Payne 3 now.

Portal 2 Delayed June 9, 2010

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From the “it’s not fair mommy!” catagory: Valve Software has always been known to miss their initial release dates, delaying their major game releases.  Well, looks like that reputation will continue to remain, as Portal 2, originally expected for Holiday 2010, has been delayed until 2011.  When asked about this Valve responded, “Making games is hard!”

Portal 2 will still have an E3 2010 showing, and Valve wants to remind everyone that this is NOT the suprise they teased for the show.

3D HDTV launches Tomorrow June 9, 2010

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Sony has announced today that they will activate the 3D capabilities of the PS3 tomorrow to coinside with the release of the 3D capable Bravia equipped HDTVs.  4 PS3 games including the PSN hit Pain will be freely upgraded to support 3D.

If you already have a 3D capable HDTV and a PS3, make sure that you have a 3D capable HDMI cable, and 3D glasses compatable with your HDTV.

Sony announced yesterday the very first 3D Blu-Ray will be “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”.  All 3D BDs will have a premium over 2D discs, although what that premium is has not been announced, however 3D BD discs will also support 2D playback.

So you’re going to have to spend thousands of dollars on a new TV, glasses, and a cable, just to watch a more expensive version of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” in 3D.