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Valve Teases Suprise At E3 June 2, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Valve and Aperture Science have cryptically confirmed they CANCELLED the Portal 2 E3 Presentation to instead give a completely unnamed *suprise* and will only say whatever it is, will be during their E3 presentation. This likely will tie into the Portal ARG expected to resurface at E3 this year.

I’m hoping it’s cake. Portal 2 is expected for Xbox 360 and PC this holiday season.

Look Ma, no Cord! June 2, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.
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After enjoying Alan Wake, I decided to get a little funny with one of my favorite parts of the game.  This is the gift a friend of mine gave me for my birthday after I raved about what Barry Wheeler was wearing in the game for tactical purposes.  The lights are LEDs, powered by USB, in my pocket, something you can’t see, is a USB charger meant for cell phones and iPods.

As you can see, it works, no extension cord needed.  I might be able to pull off a pretty funny Halloween costume with this thing.

Whatever Happened To Whistle Blower Zero? June 2, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.
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About a year ago, a guy calling himself Whistle Blower Zero erupted on YouTube for 48 hours.  He claimed to be a former GameStop employee who for forty minutes ranted on about how broken the GameStop corporate structure was, and how that by basically turning themselves into Pawn Shops, they were making billions by selling destroyed and damaged products, and charging the same price for them as a new game.

He also charged them with scamming their employees out of their working money by refusing to pay them by check, and making direct deposit extremely difficult to get processed, instead giving them debit cards that was accepted by practically no one, didn’t work on ATMs, and had fees for every time you used them.  He was pretty certain this was somehow illegal.  I’m sure you’ll remember my earlier video the time I got a debit card of my own (and what I did after recieving it).  If you’re not going to use them to preorder games (and if you’re already a GameStop employee who could blame you for not wanting to), they’re useless, and you’re not going to be able to use the full amount on them unless you can specifically set the value of what is on the card to match the balance on the card.  This pretty much sounded criminal to him, and it sounds pretty criminal to me.  I’ve never worked for anyone who refused to pay by check, and employers that won’t seem pretty shady to me.

Instead of responding to his valid claims. GameStop made a phone call and banned all his videos from YouTube, which is unbearably easy to do in this day and age.  Eventually his whole account got banned and has not returned.

I have heard a lot of GameStop debates on the gaming forums of the web, and yet no one but me seems to remember this guy, or the claims he made.  GameStop hasn’t had to deal with them directly, since their plan obviously worked, by banning his videos then ignoring the guy’s claims, they figured he’d dissapear and nobody would remember him.  I guess they were right.

So, Whistle Blower Zero, if you’re out there, who are you?  Why did you do it?  Did you succeed?