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My Favorite E3 2010 Moment June 16, 2010

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Many people have asked me what I thought was the best moment of the E3 2010 Conferences.  Well, speculate no longer, it was this moment.

You really get me, Kevin, you really get me.

Sims 3 Console E3 2010 Presentation June 16, 2010

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A good friend of mine is a religious player of The Sims games.  The series was created by Wil Wright, Game God and “Nerdiest Nerd in all the Computerverse” (his words, don’t believe me? Play The Simpsons Game).  The Sims 3 was a major success on PC and showed EA that had been using harsh DRM on all their games that they could release a game without DRM and it would sell, provided it was good.

Well, the system requirements on Sims 3 were pretty steep, and my friend was unable to play it.  Rest assured, Sims 3 is coming to consoles, and here’s a little preview.

Gears of War 3 E3 2010 Demo, 4 Player Co-Op June 16, 2010

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Gears of War defined Co-Op play by offering a persistent character your friends could drop into at any time to take up and control for assistance and help.  Now, the whole squad looks like it can be taken over for 4 player rock and roll.

At the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, CliffyB and three others demonstrated four player cooperative play in the single player campaign of the highly anticipated Gears of War 3.

Gears of War 3 will be released April 2011 for Xbox 360.

Epic Mickey E3 2010 Story Trailer June 16, 2010

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Something I’ve been waiting for since it was first announced, a story trailer for Disney’s Epic Mickey has been released.

Game Director Warren Spector (one of the Game Gods) narrates this insightful trailer which shows the story of the upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii, and what you’ll be facing while playing as the King himself, Mickey Mouse.

Epic Mickey is coming Holiday 2010 to the Nintendo Wii.

Maniac has a Twitter Feed June 16, 2010

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It took all day long to post up the amount of news I had on this website.  That plus the amount of professional websites I’ve seen, and the new official twitter application for the iPhone made me decide that bringing in a Twitter feed would be the best thing I could do for the site.

Maniac’s Twitter feed can be viewed in the righthand bar of the website right under the archives links.  You can also load the twitter page manually here.