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New Piece of the 3D HDTV Puzzle is on Shelves! May 24, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.

I was in Target yesterday while my friend was getting a coffee just looking for a deal on any games, I didn’t find any, but what I did find was a lot more valuable.

I had mentioned previously for you earlier technology adopters who visit the site, 3D HDTV will only be possible if you had a 3D HDTV, a 3D Blu-Ray (or game) player, a 3D HDMI cable, and 3D Glasses.

Well some manufacterers have released TVs, but everything else on the list has not seen release yet, now another piece has come out.

Vizio has done something pretty impressive.  They’re selling a next-generation HDMI cable that is not outrageously priced!  Previously unheard of, a manufacterer of cables is not overcharging for them.  The new cables are HDMI 1.4, support 120hz and 240hz (depending on model), ethernet, and 3D.  I’ve seen bitrates listed on those cables as high as 10.2Gbps.

I wanted to buy a pack of these from the manufacterer, but I guess everyone universally thought this was a good price, because they’ve sold out online.

The final piece of the puzzle, the 3D Blu-Ray (and game) support, will be released by Sony along with their 3D Sony Bravias which will be coming out next month.  The PS3 will be fully 3D Blu-Ray compliant with a recently released firmware update, so if you want a player now, buy a PS3 (if you don’t already own one).

Remember, you will still need to buy 3D glasses from your TV manufacterer.



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