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My Local GameStop is doing a Midnight Launch Monday, Yours Might Too May 16, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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I went into my local GameStop today to confirm my preorder of the Alan Wake Limited Edition, just regular run-of-the-mil stuff.  By this point I had given up on GameStop doing a midnight launch of the game since the game is going to be released in two days, and there haven’t been any posts about that on their official website.

When I talked to the clerk as I was paying my preorder off I just decided to ask if they were doing a midnight release.  He told me that because practically five new games were coming out on Tuesday, including Alan Wake and Red Dead Revolver, they were doing a midnight release.

I had heard some GameStops were doing midnight releases for Red Dead Revolver, but I had assumed if they were going to be open, they would be selling only that and you would still have to wait until the morning to buy Alan Wake.  The guy assured me since they would have the right to sell Alan Wake at the same time as Red Dead Revolver, they would have no problem selling any game that came out Tuesday after midnight Monday night.

So even though GameStop lists no midnight releases on their official website, check with your local stores to see if there will be a midnight release, you might be lucky enough to have one that will.

Dear Playstation May 16, 2010

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With all the people asking questions to Sony, I thought I’d show you one I submitted.  Wonder if VP Kevin Butler would like to respond to it.