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Bright Falls Alan Wake Websiodes Behind Schedule on Live May 9, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.
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I’ve been glued to my seat waiting for Alan Wake‘s release next week.  I was so happy when I read that the game’s prequel would be a weekly live action series released to Xbox Live.  Well, that series is seriously behind schedule.

After the first two episodes of Bright Falls were released the day after it was scheduled, and the third episode was never released last week.  Today, the fourth episode was scheduled to be released, and it has not been yet.

The official Bright Falls website however has seen its episodes released on a regular schedule, the Tuesday of the week after what was supposed to be the initial Xbox Live premere.  Well Xbox Live has not premered one episode of the series yet, usually someone else is able to get their episode up on time way after Xbox Live should’ve released it.  Who is the guy on Xbox Live managing this content?  Is he an idiot or something?

The fourth episode was scheduled to be released today on Xbox Live.  It has not been.  Currently the final two episodes are scheduled to be released next week, just prior to the release of the game.

LEGO Rock Band Music Transfer: Is ALL this Really Necessary? May 9, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.
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I picked up LEGO Rock Band a few days ago at Best Buy for several reasons.  One was the low price, another was my nostalgia for LEGO, and the last was the ability to transfer the tracklist to Rock Band 1 and 2.  Being very familiar with the transfer procedure for Rock Band and RB: AC/DC, I excpected a similar procedure to transfer the songs.  Boy was I wrong, and let me tell you, the hoops they make you jump through just to be able to play “Ghostbusters” in Rock Band 2 almost makes it not worth it.

First off, there is no licence transfer option or disc download option like in Rock Band.  There also is no 25-digit Xbox Live key like in Rock Band AC/DC, what you have is something infinatly more annoying.

If you want to play LEGO: Rock Band songs on other Rock Band games, you have to first pull out a one time use key from the disc case.  Try redeeming it on Xbox Live and you’ll just get an error.  No, you have to take that key and register it to the Rock Band official website.  From there, you choose if you want the exchanged key for either Playstation 3 or Xbox Live (and if you choose wrong by accident you’re on your own), and you then get your 25-digit key.  Redeem that code.  Does that download you the songs?  No.  Does it patch the game so you can transfer your songs from the disc to your HD?  No.  All it does is patch the game so you can spend ten extra dollars to download the entire track pack from the Rock Band Store.  All 1.26GB straight from Xbox Live, which will probably take you about a half hour and you’ll need to be connected to the internet the whole time.

Does it really need to be THAT complicated for me to spend ten dollars to download the tracklist to my HD?  I paid five for the tracklist of Rock Band 1, and that downloaded from the disc, no codes were needed.  A patch sure, but that installed automatically.  Was this to prevent the rental market from swapping discs around?  There is no rental market for games anymore.  Was it to prevent resales?  Well I can assure you resale value of this game is probably zero now.

Please stop doing this, you tried it, it didn’t work, don’t put it in Rock Band 3.