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Small Town Geek Bar May 28, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.
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Where I come from there are no venues for people like me to go where I can just be myself.  I have no hang out.

After watching Malcolm Ingram’s documentary “Small Town Gay Bar”, and seeing the people of that movie people finding a place where they could just be themselves, I asked myself, where could people like me, the geeks, go to be ourselves? We don’t have such a place.

But back in 2003, I did, for a few months. And this is that story.

I had tried filming this well over a year ago on a much older camera, I’m sure you’ll notice on my YouTube channel some of the original test shots for the documentary are still up.  I know I had promised that all the new video content for the site would be shot on my new 1080p camera.  However, this video was made before I had the new camera, forgive me.