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Club Nintendo, Another Example of a Rewards Program Done Right May 30, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.
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I have been a loyal member of the Nintendo Fun Club…ahem, sorry, Club Nintendo, since the inception of the program in the US last year.  GameStop, pay attention, this is another example of a rewards program done right.

What makes a rewards program good is if it offers achievable prizes of value by buying something the consumer was probably going to get anyway..  By doing that it offers further value for your purchase, and can be the deciding factor between buying something now or later on when it may be cheaper, and can get the customer to continue to buy your products and not go to your competitors.

For each new game purchased for the Nintendo Wii or DS, you receive a certain amount of points (50 for wii games) that can be amplified by filling out surveys, or telling the club what you intend to buy and then actually buying it.  You also get points for filling out occasional surveys.  Like at a carnival, you can trade in these points for exclusive goodies you can redeem for no further charge, and if you make a certain point total in a year you can get another free gift automatically.

The good part is the majority of the exclusive goodies are not that high in points to redeem, with most of them requiring about 5 game purchases to redeem if you don’t catch any surveys (trust me, Nintendo easily makes five good games a year, and games like Wii Fit have a much higher value than something like Mario Kart).  Filling out surveys can lessen the amount of points required by as much as a whole game.  On top of that they’re expanding, and offering more exclusive goodies.  This year they are offering beautiful posters of the evolution of the art of Mario or Link, for free.

When I picked up Super Mario Galaxy 2 today, something I was going to buy anyway, I went over my point total for the year, and I was able to order that Link poster set.  Disney also offers something similar for buying their Blu-Ray and DVDs, recently I purchased a rare Oswald the Rabbit D23 pin from it (Can’t wait to play Epic Mickey).

There are Codes in Beatles: Rock Band Manuals, Why? May 30, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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I picked up a copy of Beatles: Rock Band today, bit belated I admit, but I noticed something when going through the packaging.  After discarding all the leaflets about the newly re-re-remastered CD albums of The Beatles looking for the Code for the Avatar T-Shirt, I noticed a string of numbers on the back of the game manual.  What purpose this string of numbers serves eludes me.  The code is too short to be a Xbox Live download code (those are 25-key) and they didn’t fit the required pattern.

Currently, you cannot import your copy of Beatles: Rock Band to any other Rock Band game, could this string of numbers be a loophole just in case they change their mind later on?