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What You Need to Know Before Buying the Xbox One X February 8, 2018

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If you’re an Xbox One owner who bought a brand-new 4KTV and are interested in upgrading to the Xbox One X console, you’re in good company. Here’s some information current Xbox One owners should know before making the upgrade to the Xbox One X.

  • The Xbox One X does not support the Kinect. It does not have a Kinect port in its rear nor does the Xbox One X include a Kinect-to-USB adapter in its package. Microsoft is no longer making Xbox One Kinect/USB adapters, and since all Kinect adapters they did make have either sold out or been given away, it is very unlikely you’ll ever be able to use the Kinect with the Xbox One X.
  • You still need access to a high-speed internet connection to activate the Xbox One X and install the most recent system update. Once the initial setup process concludes, you do not need to remain online to play disc-based games.
  • The Xbox One X package does not come bundled with a microphone-equipped chat headset. You’ll have to pay an extra $25 dollars for one if you don’t already have one.
  • Not all games have their 4K content included on disc, older games may require patches to support the Xbox One X. Your console will install 4K updates automatically from the internet when applicable.
  • If you already use an external Hard Drive, you can use that drive on the Xbox One X, provided you are using the same Xbox Live account on both consoles.
  • If you don’t use an external Hard Drive, you can transfer the data from your old Xbox One console to the Xbox One X. Microsoft recommends enabling a new feature in your original console’s settings menu called “prepare for 4K”. This will download the 4K Xbox One X patches to your original console before doing the data transfer. You won’t be able to make use of the 4K patches on your original console, but it should save you some time downloading the content on your new console later.
  • You can always redownload any purchased games and DLC on a new console, provided you sign into it using the same Xbox Live account you purchased the content on.
  • There is no need to back up your game saves. Your most recent Save Games will download automatically from Xbox Live the first time you start the game on your new console.

Hopefully these tips helped you out! If you have any more tips you think should be included in the list feel free to post a comment below!


Switch Rewards Coming to My Nintendo in Early March February 8, 2018

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Got some highly-anticipated news for you all today. Nintendo’s digital rewards service, My Nintendo, provides Nintendo customers with point rewards ranging from purchasing games to completing tasks in Nintendo’s various smartphone titles. These points could be redeemed for rewards ranging from wallpapers, 3DS themes, Wii U DLC, or discounts on select 3DS or Wii U eShop titles. Rewards change frequently so it is a good idea to stay up to date with the latest offerings by visiting the website at least once a month.

However, while Nintendo Switch owners could earn points from their digital and retail purchases on the Switch, Nintendo does not currently offer any digital rewards for Switch owners. The Switch has been out for almost a year and has a larger install base than the Wii U, so many players have been asking Nintendo when they plan to offer rewards to Switch owners. Today, Nintendo finally revealed they will be offering rewards redeemable for Nintendo Switch content starting in early March!

Sadly, Nintendo has not yet revealed what rewards they will be offering for Switch owners, but they have several options. There are several digital titles on the Switch’s eShop they could offer. Also, it would be nice to see something like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s Season Pass as a potential reward.

If you are a Switch owner and haven’t signed up for My Nintendo, you can do so here. You’ll just need to sign in with the Nintendo account you use on your Switch. If you’re a 3DS or Wii U owner its a good idea to link your Nintendo Network account, as that will add rewards made from future purchases on those consoles to your account balance.

You Will Be Missed – Miiverse February 7, 2018

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When the Nintendo Wii U launched back in November 2012, it featured a novel social media component which took full advantage of the Wii U’s unique touch screen controller. The service was called Miiverse and it was a completely free social network for Nintendo players to share their thoughts about the latest games. It was a great service which even got ported to Nintendo 3DS systems and PC.

When Miiverse launched it was everything I could ever have wanted in a social network. Like any forum, users could post their thoughts in text form, but thanks to the Wii U gamepad’s touch screen, users could also publish original art just as easily. Since this was a service for all-ages, Nintendo did a decent job moderating the service from publishing anything obscene. Miiverse felt to me like an incredible social network that was the exact opposite of Facebook. Players could get together to share their thoughts, art and screenshots on every Wii U game (and some 3DS games) as they played. It was glorious.

Before we get things started I just need to make one thing clear, I hate Facebook. That website is an utter privacy nightmare that runs like it is held together with chewing gum. To me, it spat in the face of the original rules of the internet, and only serves as a method for the il-informed to spread nonsense to their friends and family. Miiverse on the other hand embraced what it was, a place for gamers to share their love of Nintendo and gaming.

But there was more to Miiverse than just its social media component, the ‘verse was a haven for creative fan art. Sometimes, Nintendo would do things with that art, like how they managed the community features of Splatoon’s occasional Splatfest!

So with such a successful service that seemed to do everything right at launch, why would Nintendo choose to shut it down? Was it too successful or were cracks starting to appear in Miiverse’s foundation? The answer is complicated.

I think the first cracks started to appear in Miiverse’s foundation when Nintendo changed their moderation policies for absolutely no reason. A year after the service launched, all users received a restriction on how many times they were allowed to post per day. For those of you who don’t use social networks, limiting posting is usually a penalty moderators will impose on new users, or users who had violated a community rule. Nintendo never provided the community they created a decent reason why they chose to treat all the users keeping their community alive like they were on probation, but it certainly rubbed me the wrong way. Thankfully other Nintendo fan communities started to rise up around the same time Nintendo imposed these rules, and I moved on from Miiverse.

Eventually, Miiverse’s time appeared to run out. Miiverse support was not included with the Nintendo Switch, and the Wii U was getting harder to find on shelves. When I say Miiverse will be missed, I say I will miss it the way it was originally designed. Until then I’ll be keeping my eye out for the next great Nintendo fan community.

GameStop Offering Legendary Pokemon For All Four Generation VIII Pokemon Games Starting Today February 2, 2018

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Last month, The Pokémon Company announced they would be offering two exclusive Legendary Pokémon for free to players of Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon. Great news, that starts today! Here’s a closer look at what is being offered this month!

That’s right, The Pokémon Company is giving players the two GEN4 legendaries, Dialga and Palkia for free this month. To get your free legendary Pokémon you will need to connect your 3DS systems online and redeem a code in the game’s Mystery Gift menu. You can get your code starting today at your local GameStop. The specific Pokémon you earn with the code will depend entirely on which version of the game you redeem the code on. Dialga will be received if the code is redeemed on Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Ultra Moon. Palkia will be received if the code is redeemed on Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Ultra Sun.

Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon are out now on Nintendo 3DS systems.

CT GamerCon 2018 Coming in March February 2, 2018

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CT GamerCon is a two-day gaming convention at the Mohegan Sun Casino. You’ll find gaming of all types played at the event including video games, TCG, Cosplay, or pen and paper RPGs.

There are some great plans for this year. On top of the Cosplay Contest, they’ll be hosting a PC LAN Party. We are happy to report we will be attending the event but tickets are still available. It’s $20 a day or $30 for a weekend. Kids under 10 can get in free if their parent buys a ticket for themselves. The best part is that since the event is taking place at the casino, parking is completely free.

CT GamerCon is taking place between March 24th and March 25th.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Released on PC February 1, 2018

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The HD remaster of the PS2 classic Final Fantasy XII has been released on the PC today. Take a look at the official launch trailer.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is an HD remaster of the international edition of Final Fantasy XII. It features extra content that was not originally included in the original PS2 game released in the US. You should be able to find it on Steam.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is out now on PS4 and PC.

Project OCTOPATH TRAVELER Demo Feedback Video January 30, 2018

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Since the Nintendo Switch was first announced we’ve been heavily anticipating the game currently known as Project OCTOPATH TRAVELER. A few months ago, Square Enix released a free demo of the game and asked players across the world to provide them feedback on it.

Today, Nintendo and Square Enix released this video showing fans what changes they’re bringing to the in-development game based on player feedback. Take a look!

I wonder if the demo will get an update with some of these requested features before the final game is released.

Project OCTOPATH TRAVELER is coming in 2018 exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.

How to Properly Connect Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controllers To Wrist Straps January 30, 2018

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While many people enjoy playing the Nintendo Switch with their Joy Con Controllers attached to the console while it is in tablet mode, certain games like Super Mario Odyssey take advantage of Joy Con features which can only be used when the Joy Cons are operating independently. Also, you’ll need to separate the Joy Cons when playing two-player modes.

While independent from the console, it’s a good idea to attach your Joy Cons to their provided wrist strap accessories. This will protect the Joy Con’s connection rail and enable players to use the controller’s shoulder buttons. The issue is, first time users can sometimes have problems properly orienting their Joy Cons when attaching or unattaching these straps, and inserting them incorrectly can damage or break the controller.

So here’s a detailed video on how to properly attach your Joy Con controller to a wrist strap.

Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controllers Unboxing January 29, 2018

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We love the Nintendo Switch and have been using it nearly non stop since Christmas. In fact, one of the best multiplayer games we’ve been using on the console is Splatoon 2. To tie in with the game, Nintendo has produced this special Neon Pink/Neon Green Joy Con set for a limited run. We can always use an extra controller, so why not pick up these while they’re on sale? The best part is this unboxing video was shot in glorious 4K.

Hope you all enjoyed the unboxing, new videos are on the way!

Cycle Across Unova Now Seeking Funding January 26, 2018

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Not too long ago I wrote about the promising film, Cycle Across Kanto. In it, a group of filmmakers and professional cyclists planned to travel across the specific region of Japan believed to have inspired the geography and locations of the first Pokémon games. As a long-time fan but newer player of Pokémon games, I was really excited to check this film out after it was completed. Unfortunately, the filmmakers were unable to secure the projected budget they needed on Kickstarter and sadly wrapped their current plans for that project.

Thankfully, Kanto isn’t the only region Pokémon‘s creators modeled their in-game environments after, as other cities across the world have served as the basis for regions in later Pokémon games. One of those cities is New York, New York, which served as the inspiration for the region players could explore in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, Unova. Now, the filmmakers behind Cycle Across Kanto have announced their next project will be Cycle Across Unova, where they will be visiting the geography and landmarks from New York City that inspired the fifth generation Pokémon titles. The best part is, they plan to release the film online FOR FREE in 2019 after backers get their copies early in September 2018.

They’re seeking a budget of $4,000 to complete the film, as their domestic travel expenses are expected to be much lower than international. You’re welcome to check out their Gofundme page right here if you’d like to learn more about the project or donate. They have a full expense sheet on the page, which details their project’s expected costs. I have to admit, I would really like to check this film out once it’s done.