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Gaming History You Should Know – Do Amiibo Work at Super Nintendo World January 29, 2023

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Super Nintendo World is about to open at Universal Studios Hollywood and people are already coming back with videos about their experiences. It looks absolutely incredible.

As we saw with Universal Studios Japan, the new Hollywood Super Nintendo World will feature interactive components for guests to manipulate based upon an exclusive piece of merchandise called a Power Up Band. This Band, when linked with the Universal Studios Hollywood App, will allow you to keep track of your in-park activities. The Band even includes Amiibo functionality that can even work with the Nintendo Switch (depending on what character band you purchase).

So if the Power Up Band is an Amiibo, does that mean that Amiibos could work in Super Nintendo World? A freaking genius, who I’ve known better by his internet title of Spazz Master of the YouTube Channel Theme Snark, decided to conduct an experiment while visiting Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood.



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