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Marvel’s Avengers Ending Support, All In-Game Paid Content to Become Free January 22, 2023

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Big announcement from Crystal Dynamics this weekend. Marvel’s Avengers will receive its final official patch in March 2023. They will be ending updates for the controversial game shortly afterwards. The game will continue to function after the patch, and the single-player and multiplayer games will continue to work. However, all in-game cosmetics that were previously locked to paid credits will automatically become unlocked at no cost to players. However, the playable character of Spider-Man will remain exclusive to PlayStation platforms (including PS4 and PS5) and will not be added to Xbox or PC copies of the game.

Crystal Dynamics did state that the game would become delisted from online stores in September 2023. However, physical copies of the game (as well as purchases made on digital platforms before that date) will still function. Sadly, the Stadia version of the game was dissolved with the fall of Stadia last week.

I have to admit…as someone who owns a copy of this game on the PlayStation since Day 1, beta tested the game, and played through the entire campaign…I think this is fantastic news. The original game had an incredible story, and while the gameplay did have the tendency to go a little stale in a few levels, they did not deter me from continuing to play. The biggest deterrent for me to continue playing wasn’t the fact that content would continue to be produced, but the fact that I would need to pay huge amounts of money to continue unlocking in-game skins or nameplates left an awful taste in my mouth. Now that the content is being unlocked for free, that concern is now over.

Marvel’s Avengers is out now for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S.