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How to Convert Stadia Controllers to Bluetooth January 19, 2023

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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RIP Stadia, you were a good idea executed poorly. By the time you read this, the Stadia service is defunct. If you were an owner of the Stadia Premere Edition (which included a Google Chromecast Ultra and Stadia Controller) you will have some gaming hardware that doesn’t have to be boxed up and forgotten. People who purchased Stadia hardware (or got it for free) will still be able to use the other functions of their Chromecast Ultra, and the Stadia controller can be converted to a wireless gamepad.

Instructions for converting a Stadia controller to Bluetooth gamepad can be found here. You MUST visit this website using the Google Chrome browser on a computer with an open USB port. You’ll also need your controller’s charge cable. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any other requirements. We’ve tested this on a Chromebook and it worked just fine. Google says this is irreversible, but now that Stadia is dead there is literally no reason not to do it.

Stadia’s controller is fantastic and probably the best part of the entire Stadia experience. I will be using this as a controller for other platforms for quite some time. The website to convert your Stadia controller to support Bluetooth wireless connectivity will remain live until December 2023.