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Most Demanded Spider-Man PS4 Bonus Suits July 21, 2018

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San Diego Comic-Con 2018 (SDCC 2018) is in full effect this weekend and talk has been huge about the upcoming PS4-exclusive game Spider-Man. We have been waiting a long time for this game, and with it only just a few short months from release anticipation could not be higher. However a very specific set of questions about the game have been flying around SDCC towards Insomniac, who is making the game. The fans want to know what special Spider-Man costumes they’ll be able to unlock and use in the game. So why don’t we talk about the suits we’d like to see?

Before we get started I’m going to lay down some ground rules. Rather than list the suits by how badly we would like to see them in the game, we are going to organize the order of each suit idea into three possible categories, high chance of appearance, low but still possible chance of appearance, and next to no chance of appearance. We are not including suits that have already been announced, and that list does include the Classic Spider-Man suit, Civilian Peter Parker, Spider-Punk, Spider-Man Noir, the Homemade suit from Spider-Man Homecoming, or the Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Infinity War. I’m also leaving out suits intended for female Spider-heroes (Jessica Drew, Gwen Stacy) since that would make for an entirely separate article. We’re going to be playing Mary Jane in the final game, so who knows what she could be wearing.

With that all out of the way, let’s get started with the most probable suits!

Update: Since we published this article, new previews for the game are being published on a nearly daily basis. Because of that, we’ve had updates on new suits we did not expect to get until the game came out. Rather than leave the article as it is or remove the suits we requested if they get confirmed, we have decided that we will simply add short blurbs to this article if we get any updates on new suits. With that all said, press previews have confirmed the Scarlet Spider Suit.

Update 2: Insomniac’s Twitter feed has confirmed the Spider-Man: Homecoming/ Captain America: Civil War suit.

Suits That Will Probably Be Included

Superior Spider-Man Suit – This was Doc Ock’s Spidey suit while he possessed the body of Peter Parker. It’s a cool suit enhanced by the Doc’s intelligence for a popular storyline that brought readership up. To some people, this was the Spider-Man costume they first became familiar with in the comics. This suit is getting a big demand during SDCC 2018 so if it doesn’t make launch, there’s not much holding it back from eventually getting added to the game either in the form of a patch or DLC. Plus, the writer of Superior Spider-Man, Dan Slott, contributed to this game. It would be a nice nod to include it.

Spider-Man Homecoming Suit – This suit made its first appearance in the movie Captain America: Civil War and served the purpose to reveal to the entire world that Spider-Man is now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Homecoming suit looks like it was aesthetically based on Spider-Man’s earliest comics from the 60s, and included web-wings to help Spider-Man glide through the air, a spider-drone, and a sentient AI suit lady. If this suit design hasn’t already been outright confirmed at this point it probably will soon. Peter’s Homemade suit from Homecoming was teased in the Iron Spider DLC Trailer, so other than the fact the Homecoming suit shares a lot of visual similarities with other suits that might appear, I can’t see why they wouldn’t offer this suit in the game. I doubt we will get an interactive suit lady to talk to in-game, but if we do I’m calling her Karen.

UPDATE 2: The Insomniac Twitter feed have confirmed this suit will appear in the game. No word if Karen is included.

Miles Morales Suit – To many young people who grew up reading Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales is Spider-Man, not Peter Parker. Miles has his own unique Spider-Man suit in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, and if the trailer is any indication, that design is being carried over for the Into the Spider-Verse film. Given that Miles is going to be in the game, and with the SDCC 2018 Trailer heavily hinting Miles will have a major role in the game’s main story, it is possible we may get to use Miles’s costume in-game. Insomniac was very tight lipped if we will be able to play as Miles when asked at SDCC so I will hold off on speculation, but even if we don’t get to play as Miles he still has an awesome looking suit that would be perfect to wear.

Spider-Man 2099 – This one is really a no-brainer. Spider-Man 2099 was actually a main character in some previous Spider-Man games (Edge of Time, Shattered Dimensions) and it would be great to see his suit return in Spider-Man on PS4. It’s a cool looking costume and the Spider-Man 2099 comic series has a huge fan base. As far as I know, Marvel has no conflicting rights issues tied into it with other studios that could prevent its appearance but I could be wrong. Last I heard Sony was heavily interested in a Spider-Man 2099 solo film that would have served as a prequel to a shared Spider-Man crossover film, but no one currently knows what the status of any of those projects currently are.

Suits That Have Less of a Chance of Being Included

Scarlet Spider Suit – This was the suit Ben Reilly, the clone of Peter Parker, wore for a good portion of one of the most critically divided story arcs in Spider-Man history. While Ben believed he was a clone of Peter, he wore a new suit of his own design. It was a bit rougher than the polished Spider-Man costume, but it did have special impact web-stingers Ben designed during his five year exodus. With the factor of hindsight in mind I just want to say I like the character of Ben Reilly and I can appreciate what Marvel tried to do with the Clone Saga mini-series back in the early 90s. The problem was it dragged on for far too long (even the creators acknowledge this) and for years after it ran, Marvel swept this story under the rug. They didn’t reprint it or offer it as a collected trade paperback, something that is now standard practice for most comic books. If you’d like to know more about the Clone Saga check out the Life of Reilly Blog. However, feelings about the Clone Saga have turned as of late. Fan support in the last few years has encouraged Marvel to unearth aspects from the Clone Saga including the Jackal and re-introducing Kaine as the new Scarlet Spider. Maybe this resurgence of interest was nothing more than 90s nostalgia, but if the Clone Saga can start getting reprinted, why not include the Scarlet Spider costume?

UPDATE: I have it on good authority (source: IGN) a Scarlet Spider costume is unlockable in the final game and will have the special ability to create decoys.

Black Suit – This suit can also be referred to as the Symbiote Suit or the Venom suit but to me it will always just be the Black Suit. This is the one Spider-Man suit that Insomniac has been getting the most questions about and the suit that they are probably the most tight lipped over. Let’s face it the suit looks cool as hell. In the comics, Spider-Man wore two types of Black Suits. The first was made from a special alien material Peter found during the events of Secret Wars. It could give Peter unlimited webbing, allow him to hide small objects like a Camera on his person, and could transform at will into civilian clothes. Once Peter discovered it was dangerous he removed it and gave it to the Fantastic Four for safe keeping. That suit would eventually break out of containment, find another owner and would transform them into Venom. The other was a non-alien suit gifted to Spider-Man by Black Cat. It had all of the cool look and none of the alien parasite side-effects. Comcast actually made a tv-length documentary about this suit’s entire comic history before Spider-Man 3 hit theaters and I highly recommend watching it if you can find it. The developers have made the point that Venom will not appear in this game quite clear, possibly due to the fact he’s getting a spin-off movie that has nothing to do with the MCU later this year.

Suits We Have Next to No Chance of Seeing

Kaine’s Suit – Kaine was a new villain introduced in the Spider-Man comics during the early 90s that was later revealed to be a defective clone of Peter Parker. Throughout most of his life he endured extreme pain, and harbored an extreme hatred of Ben Reilly. That all said, I’ve been told he returned and redeemed himself during the the events of the Spider-Island miniseries and even picked up the mantle of the next Scarlet Spider. However, his original 90s suit was just plain awesome. While it served as a technical way to stablize his clone deterioration, it looked really cool with blue highlights and a cool mask and cape. I’m going to make a call it is highly unlikely we will see this original Kaine suit as Kaine is currently too well known as the new Scarlet Spider to risk Marvel confusing new consumers with unneeded backstory to who Kaine used to be, and what he used to look like when they can just use his more current costume.

The Bombastic Bagman Suit – Without a doubt one of the goofiest suits Spider-Man ever wore in the comics. It was made with one of the spare uniforms from the Fantastic Four and a paper bag. He also had a “kick me” sign taped to his back. There is next to no chance we will get this suit in this Spider-Man game. We know the Baxter Building does not exist in this game’s version of New York (despite the fact Avengers Tower and Sanctum Santorum do), so it is highly unlikely the Fantastic Four exist in this game universe. Marvel does not currently want to promote the Fantastic Four due to rights issues that have not been resolved as of the time this is being written. Quite a shame, as this was an optional costume in the Spider-Man game for the original PlayStation.

There’s our thoughts on what suits we would like to see in the Spider-Man for the PS4, are there any suits we missed? Post a comment below and your idea just might end up in a sequel! Until next time remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Pokemon Go Zapdos Raid Now Live July 21, 2018

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Pokémon Go players will be happy to find out that the rewards they unlocked earlier in the month are finally active.

As of 2PM EST, The legendary Pokémon Zapdos is currently docked at Gym locations all across the US ready for raid challengers to take them on. Check in at your local Gym and you’ll probably find a very high level Zapdos hanging out there for the next two and a half hours.

If you can’t catch the Pokémon on your first attempt, don’t worry. You’ll be able to obtain a maximum of five Raid passes today.

Pokémon Go is out now for Android and iOS Smartphones and Tablets.

Splatoon 2 Anniversary Splatfest – Octopus Vs Squid Now Live July 21, 2018

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Set your Switches into go time and boot up your copies of Splatoon 2 because the anniversary Splatfest is now live!

This time we will be battling for the very heart of the game, which side do you take, Squid or Octopus? Choose your side at the game’s information booth and choose wisely because like in all Splatfests, you will not be able to change your side during the event. The Splatfest is expected to conclude at 9PM PST.

Splatoon 2 is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Kingdom Hearts III SDCC 2018 Trailer July 21, 2018

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A lot of people refuse to admit this but Mickey Mouse has a history of being the ultimate fighter. He has kept himself safe in the darkness for longer than anyone could have imagined. He has fought to protect the innocent and those closest to him. He is the ultimate warrior. Happy birthday, Mickey.

Kingdom Hearts III is coming Jan 2019 to Xbox One and PS4.