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Gaming History You Should Know – The Gizmondo July 8, 2018

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Welcome back to Gaming History You Should Know, our regular Sunday series where we highlight some of the best content across the web that covers gaming history. One of our favorite channels on YouTube is LGR, short for Lazy Game Reviews. They’re typically the first channel that comes up whenever I look up review for classic PC games from my youth, or closer looks into classic computers like the old IBM PCs.

In 2005, for about a split second, the retailer GameStop devoted a section on their website for a new handheld product called the Gizmondo. I had heard nothing but bad things about it back in the day, and almost as suddenly it appeared, it disappeared. What was it, what could it do that other handhelds of the time couldn’t, and why did it fail? LGR knows, and you should watch his video to get all the answers you need.

For what it was, the Gizmondo was an interesting experiment, but it remains only that. Thanks to LGR for this amazing video and if you want to see more, you can check out all of their great content here!

Control Developer Diary 01 July 8, 2018

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The guys at Remedy made a big splash when they announced their next major game at the Sony E3 2018 Press Event. Since that announcement, we’ve been following the latest news about the game to the best of our ability. Earlier in the week, Remedy revealed that they had created a series of Developer Diaries about their next game, Control. Now, the first of Control‘s Developer Diaries has been released.

The focus of this diary is to describe the game’s story. We learn a little bit of background about the game’s protagonist Jessie, played by Courtney Hope (Quantum Break).

Remedy has promised more Developer Diaries are on the way and we will keep you posted on when they become available.

Control is coming to the PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2019. The game’s information notes it is expected to be enhanced for the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

Shenmue I and II Release Date July 8, 2018

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Shenmue I & II, the highly-anticipated HD update of two of the greatest games ever made, finally has a release date!

The game will only get a physical release on the Xbox One and PS4, PC copies will be released through digital marketplaces only. Anyone who gets a retail copy of the game will find a poster included in the game box.

Shenmue I & II is coming to the Xbox One, PC and PS4 on August 21st, 2018.