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Quantum Break Celebrates Their 1 Year Anniversary April 5, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

I’ve made it no secret that we consider Quantum Break to be one of the finest games released last year. It’s spin on the 3rd Person Action Genre mixed with a live-action TV show was refreshing. Remedy Games, who developed the game, has always been known for making games with deep stories and Quantum Break was truely worthy of that description.  The game’s grounded sci-fi narrative was refreshing in a world flooded with military shooters.  The fact they added the live-action television series complemented the story they wanted to tell perfectly.

Today, Remedy is celebrating that it has been a year since the game was released on Xbox One and Windows 10, and I am celebrating the fact that it has been about 364 days since I started playing it myself.

To celebrate, Remedy has asked their fans to follow their social media accounts for cool Quantum Break content.  That content starts with the new celebration video they’ve published which you can watch below!

Should we do our own Quantum Break celebration on this site?  Will we see a Quantum Break 2?  Post a comment below with your thoughts!

Quantum Break is out now for Xbox One and Windows.



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