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Gaming History You Should Know – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Buyers Guide April 2, 2017

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CT GamerCon Day 2 starts in a few hours and among the video games being played at the event is a loyal segment of pen and paper games.  I’ve been trying to get into the legendary pen and paper RPG Dungeons & Dragons for at least a few years now. In fact, I recently picked up the 5th Edition Starter Set with the intention to finally begin playing the game, but after buying the Starter Set I had no idea what 5th Edition books I should buy next.  Thankfully, someone online has produced a great video of exactly what I needed to know, and that person is WASD20.

This 5th Edition Buyer’s Guide video includes a deep look at all of the current books published by Wizards of the Coast, including the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and several different modules. I highly recommend it to prospective role players interested in 5th Edition, so give it a watch!

Thanks so much to Nate from WASD20 for posting this video because it has pointed me in the right direction for which books I should seek out.  You can check out his YouTube Channel here.

If you’d like access to the PDF files featuring the 5th Ed Players Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide mentioned in the video, you can find them to view, download and print right here.  These files are hosted on the official Dungeons and Dragons website and Wizards of the Coast freely offers these files to view, print and copy for personal use only.  If your computer can’t read the documents, you might need to download the Adobe Reader.